Katy Perry Joining Dwayne Johnson to Close Out 'Saturday Night Live's' Successful Season 42

Getty Images
Saturday Night Live is getting some major star power for the home stretch of season 42.
The long-running comedy variety show, which has enjoyed its biggest season in years -- thanks in no small part to its hard-hitting satirization of the Trump administration -- is not only closing out the season with previously announced host Dwayne Johnson, but NBC revealed on Wednesday that Katy Perry will be joining him as the musical guest.
Chris Pine and Melissa McCarthy (get ready, Sean Spicer) will round out the lineup of May hosts, while LCD Soundsystem and HAIM have been booked as the musical guests.
Meanwhile, a lot of the buzz surrounding this season has centered around how it has been strongly and vocally criticized by the president himself, Donald Trump.
This week, SNL's Pete Davidson told ET that he's been happy with how Alec Baldwin's cutting impersonation has gotten under the commander in chief's skin.
"We're making fun of [Trump] a lot, and he gets really mad, and that's what we want. We want him to be mad," Davidson said. "I think Alec's done a really great job."
Watch the video below for more of our chat with the 23-year-old comedian.