10 Rising YouTube Stars You Need to Know

YouTube couple De'arra and Ken
Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Fresh faces like Kelly Stamps, Andy To and others will liven up your YouTube feed.

If you’re looking for new YouTube content creators to follow, you’re in the right place. YouTube is one of the oldest social media platforms. Since it was founded in 2005, many have come to know household YouTubers like James Charles, Jenna Marbles (who recently left the platform), Logan Paul and Dude Perfect.

But if you’re in the mood for fresh faces, to acquire new habits, to learn more about the latest technology, or you're just looking for a laugh, we’ve put together a list of 10 up-and-coming YouTubers worth checking out.



Ashley Strong, who goes by the name STRASHME on YouTube, was a former contestant on James Charles’ instant influencer show. The Alaska-born makeup artist has a total of 682K subscribers on YouTube. Her most common look is rooted in her graphic eyeliners and eyebrows. STRASHME’s YouTube channel consists of videos on astrology, collaborations with other influencers and makeup tutorials and challenges. 


De'arra & Ken

It’s nearly impossible to discuss YouTube couples without mentioning De’arra & Ken. With a following of more than 6.1 million, DK4L have documented their growth as a young couple for more than five years. Their content ranges from pranks, challenges and travel vlogs to documenting their new engagement. Their channel is kid-friendly and heartwarming, so you can watch and share with everyone. 


Kelly Stamps

Kelly Stamps is fairly new to the scene, but in just one year has accumulated 352K YouTube subscribers and 63.6K followers on Instagram. She broke out with her ‘I Moved to NYC on My Own’ video, and her content has found its niche. Her videos focus on self-help, minimalism and tiramisu. 


Caleon Fox

Breaking onto the scene with “So what are we?” -- a remake of Lil Yachty’s "1 Night" -- four years ago, Caleon Fox continues to create funny, original content to entertain his audience. With an awkward, quirky humor, Fox, who also goes by SenseiLeFox online, has accumulated 280K subscribers on YouTube, where he shares his skits along with his music.  


Andy To

Andy To is a traveling documentarian who first blew up with his iPhone X video of Toronto. That video helped To, a Bay Area native, to get Apple's attention. The company sends Andy their latest iPhone so he can get to work documenting his next trip, displaying his cinematography skills as well as the capabilities of iPhone cameras. 


Rikki Poynter

Rikki Poynter is a YouTuber who spreads deaf awareness, disability/accessibility awareness and mental health awareness. Her content also includes ASL-only vlogs, which isn’t common among YouTubers. If you're looking to gain awareness on the realities of people with disabilities, Rikki’s channel is a lighthearted and fun starting point.   


Andrew Kirby

Andrew Kirby is a YouTuber whose entire motive is the betterment of all people. Kirby breaks down philosophies of scholars and scientists so the common person can use and apply them to their life. For anyone interested in kicking a procrastination habit or learning about philosophy, Kirby’s YouTube channel is a great start. 


Pablo Strong

UK-based content creator Pablo Strong wears many hats. His most popular body of work is a series called “The Streets of London,” where he interviews everyday people walking the city's streets. The stories of their lives, philosophies and values show that there are commonalities among us humans no matter where we live.


Marques Brownlee

For all the techies, Marques Brownlee is definitely someone to check out. After 11 years of making tech content, Brownlee has finally started to break into the scene and has now accumulated over 11 million subscribers on YouTube. Brownlee has interviewed some of the biggest names in tech, including Elon Musk and Bill Gates. The content on his channel includes reviews of the latest gaming equipment, cellphones and so much of the most innovative technology. 


Erin On Demand

Erin On Demand is a business-savvy guru and a YouTube personality. Whether you’re trying to acquire another stream of income, start your first business or just get your life in order, Erin does a great job of informing, motivating and making it all relatable. Having a subscription base of 117K and rising, Erin is definitely someone to check out.