12 Celebs You Didn't Know Guest Starred on 'Seinfeld'

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It’s hard to believe that the ‘90s were almost 20 years ago, meaning that one of America’s favorite sitcoms has been off the air for just as long. Take a look at some of today’s biggest stars who were practically babies during their guest-starring roles on Seinfeld.

1. Bryan Cranston
You probably know him best as Walter White from Breaking Bad, but Cranston was acting for years before landing that pivotal role. In 1994, the Emmy winner played Tim Whatley, Jerry’s dentist. In one episode, Cranston’s character is dubbed the “re-gifter” after giving Jerry a label maker that he was originally given by Elaine. 

bryan cranston seinfeld

2. Courteney Cox
Shortly before she became clean freak Monica Geller on Friends, Cox appeared as Jerry’s girlfriend, Meryl, on Seinfeld. In the episode, Meryl pretends to be Jerry’s wife in order to score a discount on dry cleaning. 

courteney cox seinfeld

3. Jon Favreau
Another Friends alum (he played Monica’s billionaire boyfriend, Pete Becker, on the series), Favreau played Eric the Clown on Seinfeld. Nowadays, he’s best known for directing such hits as Elf, The Jungle Book and the first two Iron Man movies.  

Jon Favreau seinfeld

4. Brenda Strong
Do you remember Jerry’s girlfriend whom Elaine refers to as the “braless wonder”? The Desperate Housewives actress portrayed Sue Ellen Mischke on the series, the heir to the Oh Henry! candy bar fortune and Elaine’s arch nemesis since high school. 

Brenda Strong seinfeld

5. Maggie Wheeler
You didn’t hear “Oh. My. God.” from Wheeler during her appearance on Seinfeld, no matter how much it’s embedded in your brain from her time on Friends. She nabbed the role of Cynthia on Seinfeld, a woman whom George dates and ends up getting...friendly with on his kitchen table. 

maggie wheeler seinfeld

6. Jeremy Piven
Best known for his role as Ari Gold on the series Entourage, Piven played a fake George Costanza on Seinfeld when Jerry pitched his “show about nothing” to NBC executives. Naturally, the real George was not impressed with his performance. 

Jeremy Piven seinfeld

7. Debra Messing
She recently made a big return to the small screen as Grace on the Will & Grace reboot, but Messing scored a role on Seinfeld way before the first go-round of Will & Grace had begun. She appeared as Beth, Jerry and Elaine’s friend whom Jerry tries to date when she separates from her husband. 

Debra Messing seinfeld

8. James Spader
These days, Spader is best known for his roles on TV series like Boston Legal and The Blacklist, but way back in the day, he appeared on Seinfeld as George’s recovering alcoholic childhood friend, Jason. When George learns that Jason is in Alcoholics Anonymous and must apologize for his wrongdoings over the years, George seeks an apology from him...that he never receives.

James Spader seinfeld

9. Lori Loughlin
You may know her for her roles on Full House and 90210, but Lori Loughlin also had a small part on Seinfeld back in the day. She appeared as Jerry’s girlfriend, Patty, who gave away his Knicks tickets. Obviously, they didn’t date for very long after that.

Lori Loughlin seinfeld

10. Lauren Graham
The Gilmore Girls leading lady and Parenthood star appeared on Seinfeld as yet another one of Jerry’s girlfriends, Valerie. She and Jerry end up in a battle over their speed dial rankings.  

Lauren Graham seinfeld

11. Michael Chiklis
Best known for his role as Vic Mackey on The Shield and as The Thing from Fantastic Four, Chiklis played Steve, the group’s friend from Long Island. During a party, Steve orders a prostitute and refuses to pay her, causing the cops to come. Of course, Steve tries to blame the whole thing on Jerry. 

Michael Chiklis seinfeld

12. Mariska Hargitay
Years before Hargitay became the Emmy-winning star of Law & Order: SVUshe appeared on Seinfeld as Melissa, an actress auditioning to play Elaine on Jerry’s NBC pilot who tries to get a little too into character. 

Mariska Hargitay seinfeld


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