15 Shows Like '90 Day Fiance' That You Can Watch Now

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90 Day Fiance: Big Ed and Rose

From 'The Bachelor' to 'Dating Naked', you won't be able to stop bingeing these dating reality TV shows on Netflix, Hulu and more.

We all have a guilty pleasure binge-watch show, and if yours isn’t 90 Day Fiancé, just know that you’re missing out. The TLC reality TV series follows couples who have met online but are physically a world away and facing a 90-day time crunch to get married after applying for a K-1 visa.

Whether you’ve been a long-time fan of the TLC show or you started watching after seeing Big Ed and Rose go viral on TikTok, once you get hooked on the show, you're hooked.

The popular show, along with its many spinoffs -- 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After90 Day Bares All, 90 Day Diaries, 90 Day Journey and 90 Day Fiancé: The Single Life -- are all streaming exclusively on Discovery+ for $4.99 per month. Not a subscriber? No problem: There are plenty more great dating shows out there that we know fans of the 90 Day franchise will love -- some with even crazier (and more compelling) premises.

From long-running classics like The Bachelor to newer series like Love Is Blind, here are our favorite "just one more episode" dating reality TV shows.

Catfish, Hulu

With online dating, there's always a constant risk that the person you're talking to isn't actually who they claim to be. Thanks to Nev Schulman, no online imposter is safe. Using reverse image searches and phone number searches, Nev and his co-hosts investigate the truth behind suspicious profile photos. Each episode features a big reveal -- many of which are truly shocking. Eight seasons are available to stream on Hulu, so there's plenty to binge watch.

Couples Therapy, Amazon Prime

In an extremely raw and genuine take on reality TV, Couples Therapy' pulls you into real-life couples’ most intimate moments. They bare all their struggles on camera to the highly sought-after therapist Orna Guralnik. Not only is it entertaining, you'll also walk away with some great tips you can apply to your own relationship.

Married at First Sight, Amazon Prime

Would you trust an expert matchmaker to pair you with your other half? While this may sound ideal to some (adiós Tinder!), there’s a big catch — you can’t meet your perfect match until you’re at the altar with them on your wedding day. With twelve seasons to binge-watch, you can make your own conclusions on whether the risk is worth the reward. 

Love is Blind, Netflix

Is love truly blind? This Netflix show puts the saying to the test by stripping away all face-to-face interactions between singles looking for love. Each single has 10 days to speed date in different "pods" where they can talk, but their appearance is always concealed. At the end of the 10 day period, if they choose to get engaged, the couples finally get to see each other and the real test begins: They spend more and more time together meeting family, see each other's living situations, and ultimately decide on their wedding day whether they will commit ‘til death do they part, or break up at the altar.

Dating Naked, Amazon Prime

As the complete opposite to Love Is Blind, Dating Naked follows a group of singles who put all their cards on the table, leaving nothing to the imagination. Instead of stripping down emotionally, they literally strip their clothes and date naked. You won’t be able to look away, nor will you be able to stop wondering how there were so many people willing to actually participate in this show.

Summer House, Peacock

Vacationing in the Hamptons sounds like a lot more fun when it consists of a stunning house and a gorgeous group of friends. Summer House follows a group of nine friends who escape the busy New York city life each weekend in the Hamptons with enough hookups and drama to last you through the end of the pandemic.

Are You The One?, Paramount+

This isn’t your typical dating show. Are You The One features a number of singles who are told that their perfect match is standing amongst them, but they each have to figure out who that person is. After a series of dates, if they all successfully pair up, they win a massive reward of one million dollars.

Love Island (U.K.), Hulu

Spending the summer in a mansion on an island in Spain already sounds amazing. Throw in twelve people with English accents looking for love, and it becomes 100 times better.

Singles immediately become “coupled up” on the show based on first impressions. Britain's favorite couple wins 50,000 pounds in the end, but to get to the finish line, they'll need to survive constant twists, weekly challenges, recoupling ceremonies, viewer votes and a near-endless barrage of sexy singles. Then, there's one final challenge: The winning couple needs to decide whether they want to split the grand prize, or split up and try to keep the whole pot of cash for themselves.

Love Island (U.S.), Paramount+

The U.S. version of Love Island is relatively new compared to the U.K. version -- it premiered in 2019, so there are only two seasons in the books. The show's concept is the same, but the prize ($100,000), singles and venues are different: Season 1 was taped in Fiji, while Season 2 was taped at The Cromwell hotel in Las Vegas. Season 3 will be held in Hawaii, and is slated to premiere on Paramount+ later this year.

Dating Around, Netflix

When dating apps just aren’t cutting it, sometimes you just have to turn to a reality dating show that sets you up on five blind dates. There aren't a ton of crazy twists on this LGBTQ-friendly show, just real people looking for love -- or at least a second date -- while the cameras roll.

Rich Bride, Poor Bride, Amazon Prime

Planning the perfect wedding is something many dream of from a young age, but what most kids don’t realize (until they grow up) is that wedding planning involves a budget. Rich Bride, Poor Bride follows couples as they navigate wedding planning with high expectations and a budget that doesn’t exactly match.

Marrying Millions, Hulu

When the person you love comes from a different economic class, there are bound to be differences. Marrying Millions follows six couples who work through their monetary differences and ultimately decide if their love is strong enough to withstand the complexities that come with being extremely rich.

Marriage or Mortgage, Netflix

This reality series, featuring real estate agent Nichole Holmes and wedding planner Sarah Miller, asks engaged couples a tough question: Would they rather have their dream home or their dream wedding? Each episode will have you taking sides between the two -- and rooting for the couple to find happiness one way or the other.

Seeking Sister Wife, Hulu

This TLC reality TV show follows the lives of different polygamous families who are looking for, or have just found, a new sister wife. Seeking Sister Wives takes a look at all aspects of these "one man, multiple women" relationships, including dating, marriage, childbirth and raising kids.

The Bachelor, Hulu

There are few dating show franchises as popular as The Bachelor. Each season, a group of female suitors arrives to a Los Angeles mansion to live together and all date the same guy. Each week, drama ensues as women are sent home until only one remains to propose marriage to in the finale. Will you accept this binge-watch?

The Bachelor

The Bachelor
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