7 Things to Know About ET's New Correspondent Keltie Knight

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Welcome to the family, Keltie Knight!

We didn't have to look too far to find our newest correspondent; Knight has spent the last five years on ET's sister show, The Insider! In addition to her correspondent duties, Knight has built an impressive resume as a contributor on The Talk, CNN and HLN, and has co-anchored CBS's Thanksgiving Day Parade broadcast and GRAMMY Awards red carpet.

Off camera, Knight has built an audience with her hit podcast, The LadyGang, which she co-hosts with Jac Vanek and Becca Tobin, and was named Podcast of the Year in 2016. 

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Here are seven more things you should know about Knight: 

1. She's Got Personality Plus!

Don't even try to describe Knight in just three words. In fact, it's going to take about 11. 

"[I'm] authentic, ambitious, fun, passionate, driven, dynamic, engaging, determined, meticulous, resilient and sassy!" she tells ET. 


2. Her First Job Wasn't So Glamorous

Knight earned her first dollar growing up in Alberta, Canada, making food better known for its American roots: fried chicken. 

"I stood in the back [of the restaurant], I made $4.14 an hour, and I pulled the feathers out of the chickens and broke the bones before they put them in the deep fryer," she reveals. "It was disgusting."

3. Her Husband Is Her Biggest Inspiration -- and Biggest Cheerleader

"Life got really good" for Knight when she met her music manager beau, Chris Knight. 

"Just having someone who understands that I'm on planes and never home and getting up crazy early and coming home late, and being such a champion has made it so much easier, because he's behind me clapping," she gushes. "Let me swoon!"

4. She Only Gets Starstruck With One Celeb

"Paula Abdul, she's the only celebrity that makes me starstruck. I love her so much!" Knight says. "Straight up now tell me will you play me in a biopic, Paula Abdul?"

5. She's Got a Charitable Spirit

Though she's interviewed greats like George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Oprah Winfrey, Ed Sheeran and Dolly Parton, Knight says her favorite part of her job is getting to shed some light on a few special causes. 

"We cover so many different charity events where celebrities show up and just being a part of that -- covering the MS Gala, covering the Dancers Against Cancer Gala -- I just love feeling like even though what we do is sort of celebrity, entertainment news, that we can make a difference too," she confesses. 

6. And Has a Few Famous Friends

Knight's the first to admit that she "didn't know anyone in Hollywood," but throughout her career, she's made connections that count -- and even got Christina Perri to perform at her wedding. "Christina actually sang me down the aisle," she reveals. "We were in the backyard and it was very small, and I cry every time I hear ['A Thousand Years']."

7. She's Not Afraid to Say, 'Go Keltie!' 

Knight's first reaction after signing her ET contract was "gratitude" -- but her second was pride. 

"Being here and now having a job on the most famous entertainment news show in the world, it's all because of my hard work, and not giving up when I wanted to, and many sacrifices, late nights and early mornings, and it just feels really good," she tells ET. "I'm proud of myself. I'm going to say that. Go Keltie! Good job!"

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