7 Ways Meghan Markle's Life Will Change When She Becomes a Royal

The American actress' life will and has changed since getting engaged to Prince Harry.

With just a couple of weeks to go until her big day, Megan Markle is preparing for the role of a lifetime: officially becoming a royal when she and Prince Harry say "I do" on May 19.

With her new title comes a slew of new rules and responsibilities. Not only will she be representing the crown and have to be mindful of what she says and does, the American actress will also have to say goodbye to certain likes and hobbies. ET is rounding up seven things Meghan will not be able to do once she becomes part of the family.

1. Must Not Sign Autographs

According to the royal rules, one can only put their signature on official documents or visitor books during official public appearances, which means Meghan won't be able to sign autographs for fans anymore. Queen Elizabeth II is afraid that someone might try and forge one of her family member's signatures and use it against them.

Though, on Jan. 18, Meghan was photographed signing her autograph for a fan while out on an official engagement with Harry. However, she is technically still not married and not a royal. 

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2. Must Not Work in an Office

Bye, bye Suits! Meghan's character may work in a law firm, but the soon-to-be-royal cannot work in an office and instead tend to her official royal duties. Once a royal, she will be obligated to represent the family on all types of trips, events and engagements in her day-to-day life. Goodbye acting career!

Meghan, however, has already taken this up since she and Harry announced their engagement.

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3. Can't Wear a Bright Manicure

According to the royal dress code, women in the royal family can only use nude-colored shades. For the most part, Meghan seems to have always rocked a neutral manicure and hasn’t been spotted with a bright or flashy color during her royal duties.

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Though, she's previously been a fan of a black and burgundy mani.

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4. Can't Have a Profile on Social Media

No more inside looks into her personal life. Meghan already deleted her Instagram and Twitter accounts earlier this year (so sad), and that's because there is a strict rule about the royal family only having their official pages, which are run by professionals.

Additionally, last April, the actress announced the end of her lifestyle blog, The Tig, following reports that she and Harry had become involved. Everything that you need to know about Meghan's life will now be reported by Kensington Palace.

5. Can't Wear Ambiguous Dresses

The bride-to-be has previously stated that she defines her style as "relaxed California girl" and "effortless," and at many past Hollywood events has worn mini dresses and pencil skirts. But from now on, she'll have to say goodbye to those LBDs and opt for more modest and classic ensembles.

While Meghan has been adopting her own princess fashion (messy bun and trousers), a source told ET that Kate Middleton is helping Meghan "with advice on royal fashion and go-to designers." We've already seen Meghan's style evolve over the past couple of months, and we're fascinated to see how it will change once she becomes an official royal.

6. Can't Go Shopping Alone

As a royal, and known to everyone around the world, taking a quick shopping spree to de-stress is out of the question. Meghan will be allowed to go to boutiques and markets, but she must have protection with her at all times. When she was a Hollywood actress, Meghan didn't always need a bodyguard while out and about. Now, things will change.

7. Can't Sit Wherever She Wants

Interestingly enough, every member of the royal family has their position and seat -- led by the queen, of course. When attending special events, they all follow a special order and only sit where they are assigned. The queen is first, followed by Prince Philip, Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince William and Kate, and then Prince Harry and Meghan.

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There have been a few times where this has already been demonstrated, including Christmas Dayat church services that the family has all attended and, most recently, the queen's birthday party. Take note of how Meghan and Harry are off to the side, always behind William, who is second in line. 

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Phew, it's not so easy being a princess!

Watch the video below to see how Meghan has changed since her engagement -- and keep up with all of ET's coverage of the royal wedding as we count down to May 19.



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