'90 Day Fiancé': Amira Splits With Andrew After His Shocking Behavior

Andrew showed a different side of himself on Sunday's episode.

When it comes to 90 Day Fiancé season 8's Andrew and Amira, it just wasn't meant to be. The two broke up on Sunday's episode, after Amira decided not to get on a plane to come to the U.S. to be with Andrew after a major fight the night before.

Andrew and Amira, who lives in France, have been trying to meet up all season long but haven't been able to. They were originally supposed to meet in Mexico since she couldn't fly in directly from France to the U.S. due to coronavirus restrictions, but she got detained by immigration officials. In a questionable move, Andrew decided to stay in Mexico and enjoy the vacation by himself as Amira suffered a traumatic experience.

But Andrew said they should try again and asked her to go to Serbia to quarantine and then fly to the U.S. Amira was extremely hesitant to go to Serbia given her experience in Mexico -- and against her father's wishes -- but decided to go anyway. Amira felt once again let down by Andrew since she felt uncomfortable in Serbia by herself, and the two continued to argue. Amira accused Andrew of being "obsessed" with having a baby because his sister just had a child, but explained that she didn't want to have a child at that point given that they were not in a good place in their relationship. For his part, Andrew said Amira had totally changed her tune about having children.

Later, Andrew told his shocked mother that Amira didn't get on the plane to come to the U.S.

"I think that I failed," he said. "I think that I f**ked up."

Meanwhile, a distraught Amira told cameras that Andrew picked a massive fight with her over the phone just a few hours before her flight and also sent her mean text messages that kept her up all night.

"I am so hurt right now because Andrew is the man I want to spend my whole life with, and to be yelled at by him and to get mean text messages by him, I am in shock right now," she said.

Amira said he sent her two flights -- one to the U.S. and one to France -- and told her that she needed to decide what she wanted to do and that he didn't care. Despite everything, Amira said she loved Andrew and decided to go to the U.S. But she then got a panic attack after receiving text messages from Andrew telling her that he was still mad at her, and that when she arrived she would be facing "an angry fiancé." Amira could no longer tolerate the situation at that point and asked for her dad's forgiveness so she could go back to France. He told her that everything would be OK and to go back home and think about herself now.

"I thought he was a good person to me," she told cameras about Andrew, sobbing. "I thought he was the one."

She said that after telling him she didn't get on the plane to the U.S., instead of apologizing, Andrew asked for his engagement ring back almost immediately.

"I was so proud to call Andrew my future husband," she said. "And now it's over."