'90 Day Fiancé': Andrei Gets Called Out in Moldova for Being a 'Housewife'

Andrei and Elizabeth

Andrei's friends in Moldova weren't having it.

Andrei's over-the-top alpha male attitude in his home country of Moldova continued on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, but his wife, Elizabeth, and his friends quickly called him out.

Andrei and Elizabeth were first introduced to viewers during season 5 of 90 Day Fiancé. The two fell in love when Elizabeth met Andrei when she visited Dublin, where he was working as a bouncer at the time. Although they eventually got married and settled in Florida where Elizabeth is from, they often butt heads due to his controlling nature, and Andrei definitely does not get along with Elizabeth's family.

On Sunday's episode, Andrei bumped his attitude up a notch since they were in his home country for their second wedding -- a wedding which he made Elizabeth ask her father to pay for since he does not have a job and currently stays home to watch their daughter, Eleanor. During one tense moment in Moldova, Elizabeth asked him if his mother made a big breakfast for the family every morning and if that made her tired. When Andrei smirked and said that in Moldova, women do it all -- work, take care of the family and clean -- without complaint, Elizabeth testily asked if he was implying that she didn't do anything and pointed out that he was the one with no job.

Andrei told her that she did not want to insult him like this, and that she was lucky his parents didn't understand English.

"Over there you listen, over here you listen double," he told her about being in Moldova.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth told cameras, "I don't know what is going on with Andrei since we arrived, acting like this chauvinistic alpha male that talks about Moldovan housewife traditional roles when he lives in America and he's a stay-at-home dad and I'm the breadwinner. And I think it's too early in the trip to be insulting each other."

Later, when the couple went out to visit his friends, she asked him if she was going to be able to participate in the conversation since his friends sometimes spoke just Romanian to one another. At this point, Andrei sarcastically asked if she was trying to be a "feminist" now and if she wanted a podium to speak on.

But Andrei's smug attitude faltered in front of his friends, when they called him out for not working in America. His best friend, Marcel, said that living in America had changed Andrei -- noting that Andrei had been "a hard worker" in the past -- and that he was going "soft" and didn't like it. Another friend also called Andrei a "housewife" and said that it wasn't right that he wasn't working in America, as Andrei only smiled in response.

Later, Elizabeth told Andrei during their car ride home that she was worried about one of her sisters, Jess, coming to Moldova for the wedding since Jess is loud and outspoken while women in Moldova were traditionally quiet and subservient. Andrei laughed and said that men in Moldova won't put up with Jess' attitude and she would find herself sleeping in the basement if she didn't watch her attitude.

Andrei told cameras that while he would show Elizabeth's family around Moldova because she's his wife and she asked him to, he anticipated them getting into arguments.

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