'90 Day Fiancé': Ariela's Mom Calls Biniyam's Living Conditions 'Appalling'

Ariela and Biniyam didn't get the approval they were hoping for when it came to Ariela's mom, Janice.

Ariela and Biniyam didn't get the approval they were hoping for when it came to Ariela's mom, Janice, giving her blessing for her daughter to deliver her baby and live in Ethiopia on Monday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.

Ariela left a comfortable life in Princeton, New Jersey, to live with Biniyam in Ethiopia, but her mom -- who works as a nurse -- insisted on coming with her daughter to at least make sure the living conditions were up to par for Ariela and the baby. But an overwhelmed Ariela ended up hating the apartment Biniyam chose for them to live in, and her mother also completely rejected it when she came to visit from her hotel room the next day.

"I mean, I've been in other countries, but the poverty here is extreme," Ariela's mom told her.

She also bluntly told Biniyam, "I'm a mess right now. I'm not a snob. I just come from a totally different culture. I've been in places that are poor. The people are nice, but the fact is that the conditions here are not safe for a baby. I think you need to see, really, what she gave up to come here."

Ariela's mom was definitely not impressed with the apartment, especially when it came to not having a refrigerator and how they were supposed to get water.

"They use the leaves instead of soap to clean the standing-water barrel," she said, clearly horrified. "I have no words. Oh, great. I'm learning new infection-control procedures."

She admitted to cameras that it was "painful" to see her daughter here.

"As a mother and as a medical professional and nurse for over 35 years, it's really painful for me to see that she would live in a place that's dirty, full of bacteria," she said. "I'm getting sick at just being in this place. It's appalling."

However, Biniyam assured Ariela and her mom that the apartment was only temporary for two weeks, and that he was building another apartment for them to live with their baby. But when they went to visit the second apartment, Ariela commented that it was worse than the first place since it was nowhere near being finished. Ariela's mom also told Biniyam that he was being unrealistic with his thought that the place would be finished in two weeks.

"This apartment is a mess," Ariela commented. "The first one was bad enough, and the second one is just a disaster."

"I would say that with an army of guys, it would probably take you about a month to get this done," her mom added. "That's my estimation. So, I understand what you're doing here, Biniyam, and we really appreciate it, but time has to be realistic."

Ariela later said she was "disappointed" in Biniyam.

"After everything I've given up to come live in Ethiopia, I'm disappointed that Biniyam doesn't have a place ready," she said. "He needs to learn what my expectations are. I need running water, I need a toilet and a working kitchen. And I would hope that we would have electricity."

ET spoke with Ariela last month, and she gushed over Biniyam and their "genuine" relationship.

"Biniyam is really an amazing guy," she said. "Anyone who meets him really likes him the first time that they meet him. He is a very kind person and that's what I noticed at first. Of course, the first thing I noticed is he's a very attractive guy. He has a personality that I think people will really connect to."

She also told ET that the birth of their child will be on the show this season.

"I think that is going to be one of the most emotional and, you know, amazing scenes for everyone to sort of experience," she said. "It's such a great part of the story. I really think people will feel really connected to me and to our whole story once they see that."

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