'90 Day Fiancé': Asuelu Reveals How Much Money He's Given His Mom Over the Years (Exclusive)

Asuelu and Kalani are getting to the heart of their issues with his sister, Tammy, and his mom, Lesina.

90 Day Fiancé couple Kalani and Asuelu are getting to the heart of their issues with Asuelu's sister, Tammy, and his mom, Lesina. In this exclusive clip from Sunday's episode of 90 Day Bares All, they reveal just how much money Asuelu has given to his mom, which Lesina and Tammy constantly complain about.

Tammy has made it no secret in past episodes that she thinks Asuelu should be giving more money to their mom and to support their family back in Samoa, and Lesina has openly demanded it. While Kalani has been opposed to Asuelu giving more money than he can afford given that they're also struggling to take care of their two young sons, she does acknowledge Asuelu relied on Tammy's money when he lived in Samoa.

"I think Tammy just doesn't like what Asuelu gives because Tammy has given a lot of money in the past," she says. "I think that now that Asuelu is in America, she's kind of trying to pass that off to him. I mean, I don't think Asuelu would have survived growing up without her money, like, he basically lived off Tammy's money when he was in Samoa."

But Asuelu notes that he's already given a significant amount of money to his mom because he used to give her his whole paycheck before coming to America to be with Kalani -- around $600 to $700 a month, which over the years, equated to at least $15,000. Kalani then shares that before he moved to America, he cleaned out his whole bank account and gave it to his mom, which caused a fight between the two. Kalani is also clearly irritated that not all the money he's given Lesina is for the family.

"It's also bingo money, church fundraisers, church events," she says.

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During the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? tell-all that aired in August, Asuelu and Kalani faced Tammy and Lesina for the first time since he physically kicked them out of the house during what was supposed to be a peaceful family get-together for the holidays. Asuelu was apprehensive at seeing his mother and sister again, but stood his ground. He didn't apologize and said he was doing the right thing when sticking up for Kalani after Lesina and Tammy said he should find another wife if Kalani didn't want to give him more kids. 

"It's just hard," Kalani said, wiping away tears. "In Samoan culture, your mom can never do anything wrong that would ever warrant not talking to her. But to me, like, there's certain lines that shouldn't be crossed that got crossed."

"To me, my uterus really isn't up for discussion for a bunch of people in one room," she also said. "Like, I don't want to talk about when I'm gonna have kids or what I'm gonna do. That's a me and him conversation, that's not an everyone conversation."