'90 Day Fiancé': Avery and Ash Make a Big Decision About Ash's Move to the US

'90 Day Fiance' stars Avery and Ash

Avery and Ash have some major issues to think about when it comes to their future together.

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days couple Avery and Ash have some major issues to think about when it comes to their future together.

This season of the hit TLC show has followed Avery's trip to Australia to meet her online boyfriend, Ash, in person. Avery is a mother to two young daughters from a previous relationship, and Ash is also a father to his 9-year-old son, Taj, from his previous marriage. On last week's episode, Avery finally met Ash's ex-wife, Sian, who told her that she was against the prospect of Taj moving to the United States with his father. Avery was taken aback by the news, given that Ash had previously told her that Sian was OK with the potential move.

Avery -- who has accused Ash of continuously glossing over big issues in their relationships and just telling her whatever she wants to hear given that he works as a relationship coach for a living -- confronted Ash about Sian's feelings and what this could mean for their relationship. When Ash told her he was only looking to see the positive in the situation, Avery got real.

"There's a difference between creating negativity and being real with reality," she told him.

She also confronted him about only officially divorcing Sian a year ago, despite telling her that they split almost a decade ago. Ash said that he and Sian were never looking to get back together, but that they just hadn't gotten around to making their divorce official. Avery accepted this answer given that Sian told her the same thing, but again told him he should have just been honest with her.

Eventually, the two agreed that given Taj's age, perhaps Avery applying for the K-1 visa for Ash to live with her in America isn't the best idea. Avery suggested that Ash live with her three months at a time, and then be there for Taj in Australia for the rest of the year, which Ash agreed to. A very mature Avery noted that she didn't want to separate either Ash or Sian from their son.

"The last thing I want to do is create issues between a parent and their child," Avery told cameras. "I came to Australia hoping to get engaged to him. But even though him and I have so much love and so much passion for each, this is a really complicated situation and filing the K-1 visa may not be in our future."

ET spoke with Avery in March, when she addressed Ash always smoothing over their issues.

"He is so perfect, he has all the right things to say," she said. "That's where it was kind of, 'Is this real? Can I really trust this situation?'"

She also teased that their journey this season will be an "intense" one.

"It's gonna be a pretty awesome journey and it's got a lot of ups and downs, but the ending is pretty intense," she said. "But I would just have to say you have to stay tuned."

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