'90 Day Fiancé': Biniyam Gets His Revenge on Ariela for Inviting Her Ex-Husband to Visit

Biniyam got more than he bargained for when he invited his ex, Tsiom, to an awkward dinner with Ariela and her ex-husband, Leandro.

Biniyam got more than he bargained for when he invited his ex-girlfriend, Tsiom, to an awkward dinner with Ariela and her ex-husband, Leandro, on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way.

So far this season, Biniyan has been jealous due to Ariela still being very close with Leandro, and her inviting him to visit them in Ethiopia. Although Ariela has repeatedly told him that the two are just "best friends," he can't help but be suspicious, especially given that while she was pregnant with their son, she didn't tell him that he visited her and stayed with her in her apartment while she was in New Jersey. On Sunday's episode, Biniyam worked out with Leandro and what was supposed to be a friendly sparring session got heated when Biniyam put him in a chokehold. Biniyam then asked him bluntly if he still had feelings for Ariela. 

Leandro gave him an extremely honest answer.

"Look, it's not like, you know, that someone suddenly finishes the relationship and you stop having feelings for the other people. That is a lie," Leandro told him. "I just care about Ari and I wanna see how she's doing, how she's doing with you."

Biniyam then asked him if he had sex with Ari while they were in New Jersey.

"Don't worry," Leandro told him. "You don't have anything to worry about."

Biniyam told cameras that Leandro was nervous when he asked him the questions and that he still didn't trust him. He then told Ariela what they talked about and Ariela was not happy with Biniyam questioning her ex-husband.

"I already told Bini that we did nothing when we stayed together in New Jersey," she told cameras. "The fact that he's asking him now is so rude and demeaning to me because it means he doesn't trust me."

"Bini and I have come a long way in our relationship, but we still have issues," she added. "I wish he would focus on us and the fact that we're going to get married, instead of obsessing over what happened in New Jersey."

Later, Biniyam shockingly invited his ex-girlfriend -- who's still his dance partner -- to their dinner with Leandro.

"I think they were together for at least five years," Ariela said about his relationship with Tsiom. "It was a serious relationship. Clearly, he's just trying to get back at me for having Leandro here. ... I guess he's trying to get his revenge."

At dinner, Leandro noted that Tsiom was "gorgeous," and that it didn't make sense that she and Biniyam broke up. The conversation turned serious when Ariela did end up asking Tsiom why she and Biniyam split. Tsiom said she felt that Biniyam cheated on her, but Biniyam said that they had been on a break for two months when he met his ex-wife, another American woman.

"Just like that," Tsiom said about how quickly Biniyam moved on and got married. "We were going to a show for work and you were holding her hand. When I asked you about it, you said it was just for a music video."

"I never thought we would break up," she also told cameras. "But his behavior made me suspicious. It's difficult when you're in love because you don't want to think he's cheating on you. I didn't want to accept the truth."

Ariela sided with Tsiom, and noted of Biniyam, "You're so full of s**t. This guy is so full of s**t."

But Biniyam insisted that he wasn't unfaithful to Tsiom, and that he thought they were separated when he met his ex-wife. When Ariela asked Tsiom if she had anything to worry about given that she and Biniyam still dance together at the club, Tsiom said she should have confidence in her and Biniyam's love.

"But you can love someone and they can disappoint you," Ariela somberly responded.

"It's pretty hypocritical of Bini to question what happened between Leandro and I when he's broken people's trust in the past," she also noted to cameras. "I've always worried that he could make a stupid mistake that might compromise our relationship. And this only makes my fears worse."

ET spoke to Biniyam and Ariela ahead of this season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, and he got candid about why he was so scared to lose his family to Leandro. Biniyam said he at one point felt suicidal when his ex-wife left him, which has definitely affected his relationship with Ariela.

"Like, with Ari I start again another American girl," he explained. "And she's beautiful and she's talented. And then I don't want to lose her... And then I don't want to be hurt. Because when I lost [my ex], I'm so hurt. I'm so depressed. Even I tried to kill myself. So many things, situation in myself, so that's why I don't want it to happen with me inside. I don't want to lose her because I love her. She's given me a baby."


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