'90 Day Fiancé': Caleb and Alina Get Intimate 

Caleb and Alina took their relationship to the next level on Sunday's episode of '90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days.'

Caleb and Alina took their relationship to the next level on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Alina, who is the hit franchise's first little person to be featured, had been anxious that Caleb wasn't attracted to her when they finally met in person in Turkey after connecting online as teenagers, but the two got intimate.

Earlier in the episode, Alina confronted Caleb about their first kiss, and being disappointed that they didn't take it further. Alina had already been previously disappointed when Caleb didn't kiss her during their first night together.

"It was such a passionate kiss," Alina told cameras. "I did not expect something like that from Caleb because he's so reserved and so chill. I imagined our first kiss to be a little more romantic, like, more with-- I don't know, move in closer to each other, slowly leaning in. But, it was just, um, like a thunder. But I don't mind it. But you know, I'm still kind of, like, left with questions. Because nothing further than the kiss happened last night. I wanted to have sex last night but then just nothing happened."

"It made me feel very confused, like, why do you even start something and in such a passionate way and then you just stop it?" she continued. "Is there a problem with me?"

Caleb did acknowledge that he had some apprehension about getting physical with Alina given their height differences.

"We took a big step getting physical last night but, I didn't feel like, a need to push it all the way," he told her. "Because I'm still trying to get used to some things and just adjust to being with you actually, physically. You're different than some people. It's sometimes difficult because we're different heights. I have to be crouched down to really be next to you."

He added to cameras, "We got really heated. But Alina is different than other women I've had sex with. It started to get in my head because of her size difference and it kind of takes you out of that moment and for me it was hard to get back in. But I really care about her, so my intention is to get past this and to be able to be physical with her, intimate with her. I just need a little more time. It's just a little bit different than normal for me."

Alina said she just wanted a fairytale with Caleb.

"I'm grateful that he's being honest with me," she said. "But Caleb and I have less than two weeks here in Turkey. I'm worried that he might not ever be able to adjust to me and finally, be comfortable around me. I just want to be normal in his eyes."

Later, the two worked out together and Caleb said it was "heartwarming" that Alina made an effort to do things that he liked to do even if she wasn't interested in it.

They then went to dinner with a close friend of Alina's in Turkey, Maria, who grilled Caleb on his intentions with Alina. She asked him what they plan to do in the future, given that Alina lives in Russia and Caleb lives in Arizona.

"I think planning about living together is, you know, a little extreme," he responded. "I feel like we should spend this time right now getting to know each other, and not try to write down any permanent plans on paper. This is, I think maybe, a great conversation, but something that [Alina and I] should be talking about."

Maria then started talking to Alina in Russian and said she was worried that this was going to be "a vacation romance," and that Caleb would return to America and that would be the end of their relationship. Alina told her they were still trying to figure it out while Caleb -- who couldn't understand the conversation but obviously picked up that it was heated -- awkwardly noted, "OK, I'll just wait over here." Alina, however, acknowledged Maria had a point.

"I want to know some direction," Alina admitted. "Where we going? What's gonna happen next? We have to, I think, agree on something. But based on his reaction to Maria asking questions, I'm worried about not getting answers from Caleb by the end of our trip."

On the way back to their hotel, Alina apologized to Caleb for her and Maria speaking Russia, and Caleb told her where he was coming from, reiterating that he didn't want to be pushed into making any major decisions.

"You know, enjoying our time will help us to understand deeper aspects of one another," he said. "And based on what we learn, and just what we discover about our own chemistry, we will figure out what works for us or what we should do. It just seems silly to try and make a plan right now when, you know, we've only been together, in person, for a small amount of time, because we're working off very limited knowledge. If we're making a long-term plan, it would be better to do that under, you know, the best information possible."

Later that night, the two got intimate. In a preview of next week's episode, a beaming Alina tells her best friend Elijah that they had sex and that she took a "ride on his disco stick." And although Elijah had his own issues with Caleb, he was clearly thrilled for her.

ET spoke with Alina ahead of this season of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days and she talked about making history on the show. She said that a big part of the reason she wanted to be on the hit reality show is because you don't often see people with disabilities -- specifically, little people dating people of average height -- dating on television. 

"I don't think it adds any pressure, maybe a little bit, maybe in a way that I hope I didn't say anything degrading to people like me and I was always correct with the terms that I use to, like, describe myself, you know?" she said. "I don't really feel any pressure, I think that it's awesome. I kind of love that I'm the first one because I'm not really compared to anyone else."

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