'90 Day Fiancé': Debbie Calls Out Jess on Her Violent Reaction to Colt's Relationship With Vanessa (Exclusive)

Things are once again getting tense between Debbie and Jess.

Debbie can't stop getting involved when it comes to her son, Colt's, relationship with his girlfriend, Jess. In this exclusive clip from Sunday's new episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Debbie confronts Jess about her over-the-top temper tantrum when finding out Colt was still in contact with his friend Vanessa, whom Jess is extremely jealous over.

During a previous episode, Debbie admitted that she purposely mentioned Vanessa -- who had been watching her and 34-year-old Colt's cats in Las Vegas while they were in Brazil to meet Jess' family -- in front of Jess because she knew it would cause a rift between her and Colt.

However, not even Debbie could have predicted 26-year-old Jess' dramatic reaction, when she screamed at Colt that he was a liar and said she would now sleep with an ex-boyfriend since he was "trash." Colt also hid from Debbie that Jess went so far as to get physical with him, throwing her high heels at him.

Still, he did take some blame in the situation, admitting that he lied to Jess when he told her that he was no longer speaking to Vanessa. Colt also said that he and Vanessa had in fact gotten intimate with each other one time, though they were now just friends.

In this exclusive clip, Colt and Jess have clearly patched up their drama, since the two are holding hands in a car while Debbie sits in the back seat. But unlike Colt, Debbie isn't so willing to brush the troubling incident under the rug.

"OK, we need to talk about last night," she says. "It was not OK. You hurt Colt."

When Jess argues that Colt hurt her first because he lied, Debbie attempts to defend her son. She says that he didn't lie, he just didn't tell her everything. But Jess fights back and says she messaged Vanessa herself to get the truth. Vanessa told her that she and Colt talk every day.

"And what did you say to her, you call her a b**ch, same as you told me?" Debbie shoots back. "You cussed at me."

Jess clarifies that she didn't curse at Debbie, but she cursed at Vanessa, whom she again called a "b**ch."

Colt, ever the peacemaker between his mom and girlfriend, attempts to ease the tension in the car.

"I think everyone just misunderstands each other and just assumes the worst, because they don't know each other," he says. "And when you come to Vegas, you can meet Vanessa. We can all have a drink."

Jess isn't sold on the idea, however, and makes it clear that she isn't interested in meeting Vanessa.

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

ET spoke to both Debbie and Colt last month, and Colt admitted that he's attracted to drama in relationships and is sometimes too focused on sexual attraction as opposed to communication with the actual person.

"I think part of the drama, the fire, the passion, is something that I just love, and I honestly think that dating an American girl -- grew up down the street -- is not even something I can do at this point, because I feel like I need that extra level of excitement," he said. "It's like a drug at this point."

Colt also teased the remaining season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, noting that viewers will see him work through a lot of his issues.

"Let me tell you, a lot has happened, a lot is going on in my life," he said. "And that's what's great about this season is that there's a lot of that, actually. It goes in really interesting directions and you're gonna find out that the person I started with is not the person that I may end up with or who I become."

"Rebound central," he added of his relationship with Jess. "I feel like I've been running since I married [my ex-wife] Larissa, or before that, and I'm still running. I think I'm getting a little tired of running, let me tell you. So, we'll see what happens next."

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