'90 Day Fiancé': Ella Cheats on Johnny and His Reaction Is Shocking

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Ella came clean about cheating on her boyfriend, Johnny, on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days. Ella, who's been frustrated at Johnny for postponing his trip to see her because of the coronavirus pandemic -- Johnny lives in China and also has a young son, Stony, to think about -- told him that she slept with a friend because she was lonely.

Ella had been pressuring Johnny, whom she calls her "Asian prince," to visit her to finally meet in person after meeting on a dating app for Asian men and white women. But he explained to her that he keeps postponing his trip because of the strict quarantine rules, though he wants to be with her just as badly.

"I love Johnny and I want him to be my everything, but I can't keep waiting forever," she told cameras, noting that if he doesn't even want to meet her in Dubai like she offered, she would end things with him.

Johnny once again said it wasn't a good time for him to visit her given the coronavirus pandemic and the quarantine rules, and wanted her to wait seven months. Ella then told him that she called a friend over to comfort her, and she ended up sleeping with him.

"I need attention. I need physical attention," she told him. "I didn't mean for that to happen, it just happened because I was so distraught and so upset."

She also told cameras, "I think a little bit that my self-worth is tied up in male physical attention because of my insecurities. So the fact that I've been alone a year and half, it's been hard. But it was very, very, very wrong. This was definitely a weak moment but I'd rather be honest than a liar."

Johnny said it was very hard to hear that Ella cheated on him, but surprisingly said he wasn't mad at her because it was "complicated."

"When Ella tell me she have sex with another guy it's really a shock," he told cameras. "It's really painful and it's very sad. But I can understand her feeling because I just keep her waiting for such a long time. I didn't fulfill my part good."

Johnny insisted that he was coming to Idaho in seven months to be with her and to fix their relationship. He even said he was ready to propose to her despite her admission that she slept with another man.

"Let me do this, you give me your finger size. I want to buy you a diamond ring," he told her about proving how serious he was about her.

Ella burst into tears after their conversation ended.

"Even though he didn't say it, I could see it on his face that he's really upset," she said. "That really hurt me. Like, I feel really bad now. I didn't mean to have sex with somebody else, but, physical touch is just so important to me and I just don't have anybody. So I just want my person and I think he's my person and think I'm just gonna have to wait. I don't think that my heart will let me rest if I don't give this last chance."


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