'90 Day Fiancé': Jasmine Reveals a Big Secret She's Keeping From Gino

Plus, Gino explains why he choose to give Jasmine an electrical toothbrush and pregnancy tests as gifts.

Gino and Jasmine are not on the same page about their immediate future. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, Jasmine shares a big secret she's kept from Gino, who flew from Michigan to Panama to meet her after they connected online.

There are already major red flags when it comes to 51-year-old Gino's relationship with 34-year-old Jasmine. Gino previously acknowledged to his family that he's given her money -- despite being currently unemployed after losing his engineering job due to the pandemic -- for cosmetic procedures like Botox and lip filler. Another issue he's worried about is Jasmine's extremely jealous behavior. Jasmine previously got upset at Gino for being polite with a waitress while picking up his food in Michigan while he was on the phone with her, and on Sunday's episode, stopped talking to him after he tipped their waitress at a restaurant 15 percent for good service.

While talking to a friend, Jasmine explained her jealous behavior, sharing that she's been cheated on before.

"I'm always calling him and when he goes outside, he has to video call me when he's at the place, when he's in the car, when he's back home," she said of Gino. "I trust him, because he does that. I'm not joking when I ask Gino about evidence."

"You can be the perfect wife, look so beautiful, treat them good. It's never enough," she continued. "But, that's not gonna happen to me again, no. I have told him that you cannot be nice to women. Especially if I'm around. It's not psycho, it's just that ... even though I believe Gino is very different from all the other guys, trust is something that you build over time."

Jasmine was also disappointed in the gifts Gino gave her, which included an electric toothbrush and pregnancy tests. Gino explained the very unromantic gifts to cameras.

"This gift that I brought for Jasmine is meaningful, because manually, trying to clean your teeth, it's difficult," he said. "That thing's spinning, you know, at a high rate. And, you know, uh... so much easier to use. Plus, I don't even know if they have these in Panama."

As for the pregnancy tests, he noted, "I have always wanted to have my own kids. A boy and a girl, if it works out that way. That would be amazing. At this point, I know I'm a little older, but I'm ready. I just needed to meet the right person, and Jasmine, to me, is the right person."

But Jasmine is not on board with the plan -- and is taking active steps to not get pregnant. Gino, however, thinks they're both ready to have children together immediately.

"He wants to have a baby right away, that's crazy," she told cameras. "So, Gino doesn't know I'm taking birth control pills. And I'm nervous to tell him the truth, because he's gonna be very disappointed."

Later, she asked Gino for the password for his phone to make sure he was "being a good boy," and Gino got uncomfortable when he realized she wasn't joking.

"Jasmine and I have good chemistry so far. But, there's a side of Jasmine that worries me a little bit," he said. "She can be a jealous, controlling person. But, it's only day one, and I hope that, um, you know, this stuff, uh, kind of goes away is what I'm hoping."