'90 Day Fiancé': Jihoon Tells Deavan to 'Go Back to America' Amid Meltdown in Front of His Parents

Jihoon completely lost his cool during a dinner with his wife, Deavan, and his parents.

Jihoon lost his cool during a dinner with his wife, Deavan, and his parents on Monday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, which ended in him storming out and telling Deavan to "just go back to America."

Deavan moved from Utah with their 1-year-old son, Taeyang, and her young daughter from a previous relationship, Drascilla, because Jihoon had promised her that he had a good job and would be able to take care of them. But it quickly became apparent that 29-year-old Jihoon had not changed his immature ways since the last time she tried to live with him in Korea. He eventually admitted to her that he lied to her about his financial situation just so she would move back to Korea faster. Deavan told him that she no longer wanted to be together, and ended up getting a hotel room for her and her mom and the kids so that she would get space away from Jihoon.

Deavan eventually agreed to meet Jihoon and his parents at a restaurant, which was awkward from the start when Jihoon walked right past her and ignored her.

"I couldn't bear to face her," Jihoon told cameras. "I feel really bad."

His father, however, was apologetic to Deavan and said he was sorry that her apartment in Korea was a lot smaller than she expected and that as his parents, they didn't help her financially. Deavan responded that this was Jihoon's responsibility, and not his parents'. After Jihoon once again took responsibility and apologized for being "selfish" -- telling her he would work hard so that she didn't have to worry about money in Korea -- Deavan called him out.

"You said the exact same thing four months ago," she said.

She then asked him why the money he was making was going into his mother's bank account and not to her to help with the kids. Jihoon's father agreed with Deavan, and said it was a mistake for Jihoon to give the money he was making at his part-time delivery job for his mom to take care of. Jihoon explained that he gave the money to his mom for "safekeeping," so that he wouldn't be reckless with it. Jihoon's mom then got frustrated and explained that they were saving the money so that they could spend it on things after Deavan arrived in Korea, and asked Jihoon why he wasn't explaining that. Jihoon told her Deavan wouldn't "understand" his intentions even if he tried to explain it to her.

"I'm getting f**king pissed off here!" he said.

Meanwhile, Deavan was confused at the whole situation given that she doesn't understand Korean.

"Jihoon is just yelling, and I don't know what they're saying," she said. "They seem like they're very angry at me. It's very frustrating that Jihoon is not translating anything. It's just yelling, so to see him lose his temper like this, it's just disgusting."

Deavan eventually let it all out when it came to her feelings about Jihoon.

"You made me give up my life to come here," she told him. "You scammed me. You tricked me. My life is ruined now."

When Jihoon's mom laughed at her statement, Deavan replied, "This isn't a joke. I don't want to do this. They think it's a joke, but I don't want to do this. I don't want to do this anymore."

At this point, Jihoon -- who was also getting increasingly frustrated with the translator machine they were using, which wouldn't convey what he was trying to say correctly -- walked out.

"She's pissing me off," he muttered in Korean. "A joke? Am I a joke? I'm not a f**king joke. I'm real serious, more than Deavan."

"Just go back to America," he told her.

For more on Deavan and Jihoon's relationship this season, watch the video below: