'90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise' Finale: Alliyah Wants Plastic Surgery to Look Like Kylie Jenner (Exclusive)

In this exclusive '90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise' clip, Alliyah's plastic surgery goals sparks concern with her fiancé, Shawn.

Alliyah is finally getting the chance to embrace who she really is -- but at what cost of her relationship?

In an exclusive clip from the finale of 90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise, Alliyah -- who was born Douglas -- is joined by her fiancé, Shawn, as she attends a plastic surgery consultation. 

"I love that you're so worried about me putting drops in your eyes, but you can't wait for a plastic surgeon to carve up your stomach and a**. That's not a problem," Shawn quips as the two sit in the waiting room. 

In a side interview, Alliyah can't contain her emotions. 

"I'm feeling so excited to have this consultation," she says. 

Back in the doctor's office, Alliyah breaks down the exact procedure she wants to undergo. 

"I want to take off the fat that I still have in my body and I want to put that in my butt," she tells Shawn. "I want something, like a big heart."

Alliyah isn't shy when it comes to who inspires her surgery. 

"What I'm trying to achieve is to have a thin waist, a big butt and hips," she says in the side interview. "So I look more feminine, and like Kylie Jenner." 

Shawn has his own personal hang ups when it comes to Alliyah's surgery plans, telling her that he doesn't think she would just stop at one operation.

"I think you're the type of person that will get rid of the one flaw and then you'll concentrate on the next flaw," he says. "And I already know that you would like to have your brow bone softened so it's less...masculine."

In his own interview, Shawn reveals that he isn't sure how Alliyah's surgery will affect their relationship -- especially if it gets botched. 

"I am attracted to Alliyah, she's a beautiful woman as is," he says. "She's so lucky that she looks like that without plastic surgery. Why would you mess with that? And maybe be ruined. Maybe now you're not actually beautiful anymore to me, because you've done something that got marred. So it's a slippery slope."

This season, Shawn, 61, had a hard time accepting his Brazilian love, Alliyah, 25, through her transition as he's held on to the memories of the person she was when they met, Douglas. However, Shawn has come around to accepting Alliyah and supporting her but he isn't so sure about the changes her newfound confidence and personality has brought into their relationship.