'90 Day Fiancé: Love in Paradise': Sherlon Says He Doesn't Want to Marry Aryanna (Exclusive)

Sherlon is breaking Aryanna's heart.

Sherlon is breaking Aryanna's heart. In this exclusive clip from Sunday's new Love in Paradise: The Caribbean, a 90 Day Story, 25-year-old Aryanna attempts to have a serious conversation with 35-year-old Sherlon about their future given that she's currently pregnant with his baby, but it's clear he isn't ready to commit to her fully.

Aryanna, who lives in Illinois, and Sherlon, who hails from Jamaica, are one of the couples featured in the latest 90 Day Fiancé spinoff. Aryanna met Sherlon while in Jamaica while on vacation, and after coming back from visiting him a second time, she found out she was pregnant. Aryanna is now back in Jamaica so that her family can meet Sherlon, and not surprisingly, they're questioning his intentions with her given that one of his jobs is working at a swingers resort. In this clip, Sherlon admits he doesn't really have a plan when it comes to the future, but is resistant about making the decision to leave Jamaica in order to live with Aryanna in Illinois -- especially since he feels Aryanna and her family are ganging up on him.

"I don't like hard conversations," he tells Aryanna when she tells him that she wishes that he wanted to come to America to be with her and their baby. "Look, they're going to be discussed, between us. Not between me and your mother or between me and your sister. Personally, I don't like to feel like I'm being boxed in."

Aryanna responds, "I don't think you're necessarily being realistic or considering of, like, what I've sacrificed on my own already."

When Sherlon asks her what she wants him to do, she says it's not asking too much for him to talk to someone about getting the K-1 visa started to come to America. But Sherlon bluntly tells cameras he's not ready to marry Aryanna.

"Aryanna talks about the K-1 visa like it's no big deal, like, I would have to get married to her, and like, at this point, I'm not ready for marriage," he says. 

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ET spoke with Aryanna about the new 90 Day Fiancé spinoff, and she talked about Sherlon declaring in the trailer that he's "not going to be forced to get married." Aryanna admitted the comments were hurtful and had her questioning him.

"Honestly, the best way to put it is the thoughts going through my head were, 'I guess you are not the person I thought you were,'" she said. "And, naturally people are going to be thinking, 'Well, obviously. You hardly knew him.' But, I have pretty good judgment and I'm not the type to make stupid decisions like that. And so, I mean, really the thought going through my head was, 'You fooled me. You're not the person I thought you were.'"

"He definitely won't do anything he doesn't want to do, which, I guess, that's a good thing when it comes to other things," she continued about what she's come to learn about Sherlon this season. "The other thing is he's not very good at realizing what others are going through -- what I'm going through -- and all the things I've sacrificed. ... I guess sometimes he's just not very considerate of my situation and the things going on with me. Sometimes I feel like he likes the excitement of having a baby, but then, there's a lot more to it than that."

She did note that Sherlon definitely wanted to get her pregnant.

"He had expressed to me from early on that he had really wanted kids and he had told me one time that people think it's weird if you're as old as him in Jamaica and you don't have kids," she shared. "And I mean, I didn't get that really, but, I had told him I have to finish school first. ... So, aka not necessarily anytime soon. And then, I guess, we let paradise get the best of us and it happened a little sooner."

"I'll consider it more on my end to slip up, but I think he definitely had an agenda from the beginning," she added.

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