'90 Day Fiance': Michael's Kids Can't Stop Shading Him Over 23-Year-Old Girlfriend Juliana

90 Day Fiance

Season 7 of TLC's hit show premiered on Sunday night and it didn't disappoint.

Season 7 of TLC's hit show, 90 Day Fiance, premiered on Sunday night and it didn't disappoint.

One of the standout couples is 42-year-old Michael and 23-year-old Juliana. Michael, a wealthy wine entrepreneur from Greenwich, Connecticut, is engaged to Juliana, a model from Brazil, whom he met at a yacht party in Croatia when she was 20 years old.

"Certainly a lot of people might pass judgement," Michael acknowledges. "They may think I'm just an old sleazy rich guy going after a young, hot woman. It doesn't bother me at all. I don't really care."

Michael says he can't move to Brazil to be with Juliana because he has two big commitments at home -- his son, Max, and daughter CeCe. Throughout the premiere episode, Max and Cece give their honest opinion to cameras about their father's current love situation as he prepares them for Juliana's upcoming visit -- and let's just say the siblings have no issue saying what's on their mind. At one point, Max tells his dad bluntly that Juliana is actually closer to his age.

Meanwhile, CeCe says she didn't actually think her dad would marry Juliana.

"I thought it would just be, like, boyfriend and girlfriend for a little," she says. Max finishes the sentence with, "And then, not boyfriend and girlfriend."

Later, when Michael's ex-wife shares concerns about how Juliana is going to react to being a stepmom to their kids and says that Max and CeCe won't listen to her, Max giggles that Juliana is "not a stepmom, but more like one of us."

During Sunday's episode, Michael also reveals that Juliana was denied a visa because they thought she may be coming for "nefarious reasons."  Though it isn't discussed, in a supertease of 90 Day Fiance's new season, Juliana says she's being asked questions about prostitution and Michael adamantly tells cameras, "No, she's not a prostitute."

Last month, ET spoke to another one of the stars of the new season, 29-year-old Syngin, who hails from South Africa and moved to Colchester, Connecticut, to be with his girlfriend, 29-year-old Tania.

"You will see me go through some pretty rough -- not stuff -- but some pretty rough sh*t," he said. "So, it's like a whole new experience for me. You know, taxes are high, that's all I'm saying."

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