'90 Day Fiancé': Mike Explains to Natalie Why He Called Off Their Wedding 2 Hours Before the Ceremony

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While Natalie didn't exactly get the answers she was looking for when it comes to Mike abruptly calling off their wedding just two hours before the ceremony was supposed to take place and just three days before her visa expired, it appears there's still a chance for these two to work it out. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Natalie had no choice but to face Mike again after she had to return to his home because the motel wouldn't let her check in without him since he paid for her room. Upon meeting, the two ended up working a few things out.

Mike told cameras he "felt terrible" for what he did. He then told Natalie that it was hard for him to tell her that he wasn't ready to get married.

"I just got cold feet," he explained, though Natalie, who hails from Ukraine, did not understand the term. "It's, uh... It's, like, a term you use when you get nervous towards a wedding and stuff, you just got nervous. You got a lot of nerves, you got a lot of stuff running through you. I'm scared and nervous. It's just... It's not a normal situation we're in. There's nothing behind it. I'm scared. People do cancel weddings all the time."

Natalie said she didn't know anyone who canceled a wedding and started crying after worrying that people were going to laugh at her.

"What did I do, Michael?" she asked him. "What is my fault?"

Mike said he totally took the blame for the canceled wedding. He also said that he didn't want her to go back to Ukraine and wanted to consult with a lawyer to look at their options.

"I'm sorry that I put you in this situation," he said. "I'm really glad you came back. I never wanted you to leave. I was super, super worried."

Natalie admitted to cameras that she still had feelings for Mike, noting that they had been through a lot in three years.

"Our relationship I cannot call easy one," she said. "But, no matter how mad I am at Mike, deep inside, at the end of the day, I still have feelings for him."

She also surprisingly told Mike that she forgave him and continued to push for a wedding.

"I realize that life will go on," she said. "So, I am happy that I'm here. I forgive you. ... So, you feel like wedding in two days?"

Mike said that whether they got married or not, he wanted her to stay in the U.S. with him. Later, the two talked to a lawyer, who said that their only option for Natalie to legally stay in the U.S. was to get married before her visa expired. Still, Mike remained indecisive on whether he wanted to marry Natalie or not, even when she pressed him for an answer. When a producer asked Mike what it would take for Natalie to convince him to get married, he didn't have an answer.

"How do you answer something like that? I don't know," he said. "We got our issues. We got lots of things. Everything is rush. It's not like it's a magical fairy tale here. ... It's not like, there's really anything that's just gonna magically change my mind, and it's gonna be 'poof.' No, there's nothing ... I don't know."

For more on Mike and Natalie's rocky relationship this season, watch the video below.


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