'90 Day Fiancé': Mike Has a Meltdown and Stops Filming

Mike drops some shockers about how bad his and Natalie's marriage has gotten.

Mike and Natalie have hit their breaking point. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Mike and Natalie's relationship continued to be tense due to their continuous fighting and Mike actually stopped filming and walked out after yelling at Natalie.

Natalie and Mike have been arguing all season long after getting married at the last minute solely because Natalie's visa was set to expire and he didn't want her to have to go back to Ukraine. The two's issues have only been getting worse.

"The last couple of weeks haven't been great because me and Mike cannot see eye-to-eye over anything, and every situation causes conflict -- every situation," Natalie told cameras. 

Later, the couple sat down for a confessional and a producer brought up Natalie's accusation that Mike's mom, Trish, called her a hooker when they went to visit her in Oklahoma for Thanksgiving. Mike denied his mom said that to her and insisted on Natalie talking to Trish herself once and for all. Natalie ended up calling Trish on the phone, and Trish vehemently denied she ever called her a hooker. Trish also had no problem telling Natalie she wasn't a fan of hers.

"You do not treat Michael kindly," Trish told her. "Michael provides you with everything -- everything. And you be mean to him all the time. ... I never ever came close to calling you a hooker or anything else. Do you understand me? I never did that. And I don't know where you come up with that sh*t, but you need to knock it the f**k off."

"You can't tell me that you love him," she continued. "I don't believe for a second that you love him."

Trish then accused Natalie of picking a fight with him on Christmas Eve and leaving him to go to Seattle. At this point, Mike got heated and revealed that Natalie took all the gifts he gave her for Christmas and went to her best friend's house for Christmas and gave them all away.

"That is not how a wife acts in any f**king country, I don't care what language you speak or anything else," he told her, getting more and more angry. "F**k that, Natalie. That sh*t is childish. It's like a 7-year-old throwing a tantrum. Get with the f**king program or get out."

Mike then shockingly revealed that Natalie has only actually spent one night with him at his house since Christmas, instead choosing to stay at her friend, Juliana's, house in Seattle.

"Who did I marry, Natalie?" he asked. "I'm being loving and supportive towards you. You? Disrespectful, don't f**king care, rather hang out with your friends all night."

Natalie, who up until this point had remained silent while Mike ranted, said it was because they fought a lot and Mike ignored her.

"You cannot sit here and tell me anything about why you love me or why I'm important -- nothing," Mike replied. "How we supposed to spend time together when you don't f**king come home?"

Mike then told producers he was "fully done" and pulled his mic off.

"I'm just so over this," he said before walking out.

"Natalie shouted as he left, "I do love you but you hurt me a lot! I do love you but look at the way you treat me!"

"This is bullsh*t because he never admits his fault, never," she told cameras. "Always I am guilty. Always I apologize. ... What he expect me to do? Love him forever after that? I'm sorry. I'm not."

For more on Mike and Natalie's troubled relationship, watch the video below.


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