'90 Day Fiancé': Natalie Insults Mike's House and Kicks Out Uncle Beau

Natalie got a harsh dose of reality about living with Mike in America.

Natalie got a harsh dose of reality when it comes to what living with her fiancé, Mike, in rural Sequim, Washington, was going to be like on Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé.

When Natalie first arrived in America from Ukraine, Mike made romantic arrangements for them to stay in Seattle for one night. Not surprisingly, Natalie loved Seattle, but their big issues eventually came to the forefront. Prior to her arrival, the two weren't at a great place in their relationship. Mike was still hurt that Natalie accused him of cheating on her with his female best friend -- which he denied -- and that she gave him back his engagement ring. Meanwhile, Natalie is upset that even though they've reconciled, he still hasn't given her back his ring. She also made Mike kick out his Uncle Beau, who was living with him and helping him take care of his ranch, once she arrived so they could have their privacy, which was another sore subject between the two.

Natalie got her way in the end, and Beau moved out. Things got extremely awkward during the episode when the two met at a restaurant with Mike, and Natalie bluntly told him it was "good" that he moved out. She also criticized him drinking whisky at lunch, though she did say she liked his unique fashion sense. For his part, Beau said he understood that the couple needed their privacy and would stand behind Mike no matter what. Natalie and Beau also had trouble communicating due to the language barrier.

Another awkward incident at the restaurant occurred when she told the waiter that this was her first time in America and that she was here to get married. When the waiter asked when she was getting married, she told him she didn't know because she didn't even have a ring, which made everyone at the table fall silent.

"It feels like Michael, he's not ready to give me ring back," she told cameras. "I feel insecure. Because whenever I go, people try to explain my status. And I explain that I am a fiancée with K-1 visa, they look at my fingers, I have no ring. My status is unclear. I would feel more comfortable to have ring. I would feel better, honestly."

Later, when Mike and Natalie finally arrived at his ranch, Natalie remarked that his house looked like it was from a movie -- a horror movie.

"I just hate horror movies," she said. "Michael lives in the woods and no one is around. No one is around, only me and trees."

Natalie couldn't hide how much she disliked the house, commenting that it's "f**ked up" and dirty. She also didn't care for his beloved cat, Boo Boo, noting that she's "more of a dog person." She told cameras she was disappointed that Mike didn't even seem to prepare for her arrival, but for her part, she left everything behind to be with him.

Meanwhile, Mike didn't seem too concerned and said Natalie just needed time to adjust.

"But I mean, if Natalie ends up not liking the town or the rural living then that's obviously going to put a strain on the relationship for us," he said.

For more on the couple this season, watch the video below.