'90 Day Fiancé' Recap: Jen Catches Rishi Sending an Inappropriate Picture to Her Friend

Jen caught Rishi sending a half-naked picture to her friend just as she got ready to move to India for a second time.

Rishi has some explaining to do. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé, Rishi got caught red-handed sending a picture of himself shirtless in nothing but a towel to Jen's friend who catfished him in order to see if he was being faithful to Jen.

On Sunday's episode, Jen was back in Oklahoma after her visit to India and had been for three months after she was told by her immigration lawyer that she had to reapply for a tourist visa. The setback devastated Jen and she said she now felt like her life was on hold, especially after she felt like she and Rishi were finally on the same page about their relationship when he re-proposed to her in India. But her 10-year visa was reinstated -- much to her friends' disappointment. Her friends remained skeptical of Jen's plan to move to India to marry Rishi, especially since he hasn't even been honest with his family about the two of them dating, let alone that they're engaged. Still, Jen insisted that she wanted to go back to India. Her friend, Randy, then dropped the bombshell that when she messaged Rishi on social media right before Jen went to India three months ago to go see him, he sent her a picture with his shirt off in nothing but a towel. Randy said she didn't tell Jen before since she was going to go to India anyway, but she was telling her now because she didn't want her to make the same mistake. Jen was shocked when Randy sent her the screenshots.

"Rishi told me that he had been faithful during our two years apart," Jen told cameras as footage was shown of Rishi denying that he even chatted with anyone in the past two years. "I've told him, just be honest with me. So when I see the shirtless picture he sent Randy, are you freaking kidding me dude? ... I'm just genuinely disgusted. I'm disgusted."

Randy told Jen that she catfished Rishi and said she was a model who was going to visit Jaipur, and that Rishi was hitting on her and wanted to meet up with her. Then she said once he realized she was friends with Jen, he blocked her. Jen said she definitely had doubts now but she had already invested so much into the relationship.

"It does look suspicious, I get that, but at this point, I just can't end the relationship so quickly and easily... I love him, I have to go back. I can't help it," she admitted.

Meanwhile, back in India, Rishi confided in his good friend, Khushi. Khushi bluntly told him that she didn't believe he was going to marry Jen because he hadn't even told his family about their relationship. She noted that if she was in Jen's shoes, she would also be upset. But Rishi defended himself.

"The main thing is when you have been through the past two years already, I mean, waiting for those two years, then you just have to wait a few more months," he responded. 

He insisted that he really loved Jen and that he hadn't cheated on her. Khushi pointed out that whenever they went out together with friends, Rishi would always disappear at the bar but Rishi smiled and said that he always just stayed at the bar. Khushi told cameras it was hard to believe he had never cheated on Jen and that she felt sympathy for her.

"The situation she's in is not good for her, because it's not right to waste her time," she said.

Jen ended up flying back to India even though her friends and family had serious doubts about Rishi.

"What the f**k am I doing?" she said in tears as she got dropped off at the airport. 

"The idea of uprooting my life, again, for this person that may not be committed to this relationship as much as I am is terrifying," she told cameras. "This is make or break in terms of my relationship with Rishi and I'm starting to panic. I think it's really just hitting me that I could be making a bad decision by going back to India."