'90 Day Fiancé': Steven Reveals a Huge Secret He's Keeping From Alina

Alina also reveals Steven asked her if he could date other girls.

Steven hasn't been honest with Alina when it comes to his past. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Steven, a devout Mormon, revealed that he's not actually a virgin like he has led Alina to believe.

Steven and Alina, who hails from Russia, met on a language-learning app and although she was initially hesitant to meet up with him since she said that some Russians believe Mormonism is a cult and she was scared he was going to steal her organs, the two hit it off. After spending just two weeks together in person, they're planning to move to Turkey together so they could be together since he's unable to move to Russia due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Although Alina's mom and grandmother have serious reservations about her leaving her entire life behind for Steven, Alina said she loved him.

Alina's friends also have their reservations, and bluntly asked her if she was to have sex with Steven. "We're just planning on having fun together," she said. "No, we're not having sex."

Her girlfriends were incredulous, and asked her how she would know if they were a match. "Because it's not the most important thing," she responded. "He's a religious person and we want to save ourselves for marriage."

She also told cameras, "I am still a virgin. Not because I planned it, it just never happened, so, since I respect the rules of Mormon religion, Steven and I agreed to be innocent, untouched, and pure for each other."

She told her friends that she was counting on Steven to propose in Turkey. Although she acknowledged that she's only spent two weeks with him, she said she was willing to risk everything because she had such a strong connection with him. Still, there are some serious red flags.

She said she recently got upset with him because he was talking too much to a female friend. "It made me really uncomfortable," she said. "Once he even asked me for permission to date other girls."

"When Steven asked me if he could date other girls, I just burst into tears because he's in relationship with me and he have to pay attention only on me," she also told cameras as her friends reacted in shock. 

Alina said that although the situation tested her trust, at the same time, he continuously tells her how much he loves her. When her friends suggested she test him by having an actress hit on him to see what he does, Alina was torn.

"It's a very difficult decision for me because it feels like, very sneaky," she said. "I want to believe in him but maybe it's a good idea to make sure that I can trust him."

Later, 25-year-old Steven and 20-year-old Alina video chat, and Steven dropped a bombshell on Alina -- that he didn't want to live together when they moved to Turkey and already arranged separate apartments. He said that living together before marriage was frowned upon in his religion, and that he also didn't want to be tempted when it comes to having sex.

"You're very sexy, Alina," he told her. "I think I would have a very hard time controlling myself."

Not surprisingly, Alina was not happy. But that's not the only thing Steven has been keeping from Alina. He revealed to cameras that he's not actually a virgin and that he hasn't told Alina.

"For me, the hardest part about my religion has been the law of chastity and it's just something that I am very tempted by, and something that I have struggled with," he said. "One thing that I still need to tell Alina is that I am not a virgin and that I've had sexual relationships in the past. Those are things that are not endorsed by the church and those are things that I did."

"I'm planning to tell Alina about my past because it's something she definitely deserves to know about, but when she finds out I'm afraid that her trust in me and her faith may be un-reparable," he added.