'90 Day Fiancé': Syngin Says He Won't Give Up Drinking to Save His Marriage With Tania

Syngin says he's only willing to give his marriage to Tania another year.

90 Day Fiancé couple Tania and Syngin are very much possibly headed toward divorce. During part two of the 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? season 5 tell-all that aired on Sunday, the two made it clear that they still hadn't worked through their major marriage issues.

Tania and Syngin had been arguing about his drinking all season long, with Tania insisting that he has a problem, while Syngin countered that it's common in his home country of South Africa to drink a lot.

"Syngin is very sensitive and it's very hard for him to be as honest," Tania said during the tell-all about his drinking.

Syngin fired back, "It sounds like you're saying to the world, I'm a screaming, raging, f**king alcoholic," to which Tania replied, "No, I don't think you're a raging alcoholic, but, yes, has alcohol influenced work before, has alcohol influenced us, our arguments? Yes. ... If it was just a cold beer, it wouldn't be a problem. And that would be OK. But he's not sharing everything."

Tania refused to elaborate on the specific incidents she was referring to, but she did say that she wasn't willing to put up with Syngin's drinking for long. Tellingly, when Syngin was asked if he would ultimately give up drinking to save their marriage, he said he wouldn't.

"To be very honest, I will not be giving up drinking probably my whole entire life," he said. "I enjoy a cold beer. I enjoy the beverage. I enjoy my time with it. And if that bugs her, that just means that I must get somebody who doesn't say I'm an alcoholic."

Syngin's former roommates in South Africa, Andrew and James, also made an appearance on the tell-all, and not surprisingly, took Syngin's side. Andrew and James denied Syngin had a drinking problem and also said that Tania and Syngin moved too fast in their relationship, which Syngin agreed with.

Meanwhile, Tania said her and her husband's arguments have gotten worse under quarantine.

"With all the tension and everything, like, our arguments actually start getting super toxic," she shared. "And we were starting to be like, actually really mean to each other."

For his part, Syngin said he didn't think he and Tania had a healthy marriage, and that they were still figuring out if their future plans align with one another's. When asked how long they were willing to stick it out with one another before calling it quits, Syngin said he would give it another year, if that.

"That's a long time," he noted. "I mean, if it's still not going by then .. I don't know, even a year sounds long at times."

Tania said it was more complicated than that.

"It's hard to put a time on it because six months from now, things could still be ... definitely improving and we can see, like, 'Hey, this is actually rolling and it's going great and let's keep it going,' you know? But if in six months we're like, 'Damn, we're worse than we were three years ago,' then it's time to re-evaluate."

"Yeah, you have someone who's, like, dreamed of a future and someone who's never thought of a future," she added of the root of her and Syngin's issues. "So, how do you plan a future?"

For more on Tania and Syngin's marriage issues this season, watch the video below.