'90 Day Fiancé': Tarik Reveals Reaction to Hazel Coming Out as Bisexual and Wanting a Girlfriend (Exclusive)

Tarik and Hazel address the shocking twist to their '90 Day Fiancé' love story.

90 Day Fiancé stars Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan aren't afraid to be themselves on the highly anticipated new season of the TLC series, which premieres on Sunday. ET spoke to the couple ahead of the season 8 premiere, and they talked about the continuation of their love story as well as the shocking twist -- Hazel has come out as bisexual and is also now looking to have a girlfriend aside from her relationship with Tarik.

Tarik and Hazel first met online and Tarik traveled all the way to the Philippines to meet her in person. While 90 Day Fiancé cameras captured their bumpy relationship, they are still together, and in the explosive season 8 trailer, it's revealed that the two are now navigating Hazel getting a girlfriend to add to their relationship. In one surreal moment in the trailer, Tarik helps Hazel find a girlfriend online, asking her if she likes curvy or petite women.

Tarik tells ET's Melicia Johnson that Hazel actually already told him a couple of weeks after they began chatting online that she was bisexual. She then asked him what he would think if she wanted to be with him as well as another woman.

"'Then I would be the luckiest man in the world,'" he says his response was at the time. "But more than just the obvious, Hazel told me that she kind of went through some drama with her ex because he was not accepting of it and he basically told her she was a walking body of sin, and just really hurtful stuff. And I think that further made Hazel kind of close up and never want to tell anyone again. So when she told me, I was like, 'Well, I'm glad you felt the need to tell me upfront and not only do I not care, I want you to be yourself. I don't care what anyone says.' Obviously, her family is very religious and I'm like, 'I'm with you. However you want to do this.'"

Meanwhile, Hazel says she couldn't be happier now being free to be herself in America with Tarik.

"I feel like now that I'm here and I am free, like, I am free to be who I really am," she says. "I'm glad because finally I found a guy that really accepts me and especially my son, and now I'm not shy for being me."

As for Tarik going one step further and helping Hazel find a girlfriend, he cracks, "Of course, what is a good fiancé to do, you know?"

Still, the couple plays coy when asked about the dynamics of having a girlfriend, such as if the girlfriend is just for Hazel, or if she will also be for Tarik.

Tarik responds, "This is Hazel and I together, letting Hazel be herself."

Tarik also stresses that he isn't worried about Hazel falling in love with the girlfriend and wanting to leave him.

"And the reason is, Hazel and I have been together some years now, and we have been through more in two years than the average couple would go through in 10 years," he notes. "We have had serious ups and downs, so we really know each other, and why would I even go into it if I doubted it? Sometimes you have to throw caution to the wind and I feel like she gave up way more than I did. She basically turned her whole life upside down completely. So for me to say, 'Oh, you're going to fall in love with a girl and run away with a girl?' What kind of man would I be? I got square shoulders. Everything is in the right place right here."

Hazel, however, wasn't as sure about the future.

"My concern in the future is if Tarik falls in love more with the girl, I think sometimes that will happen," she acknowledges.

Meanwhile, Tarik has a message for all their online critics, specifically, those who doubt their intentions with one another.

"Listen, what I want to say to everybody who watches it, it is not 1920, OK?" he says. "We have an unconventional relationship and just because it's not like yours, doesn't mean it isn't real. And to all them dudes on social media ... I think you speak the loudest because y'all might want to be in my position one day. The people that yell the loudest normally are envious. It might be that you were wishing you had a Hazel."

Tarik made sure to set the record straight about his and Hazel's intentions.

"Hazel is bisexual. She likes men and women. Hazel is here for us to find out if we are going to make it to the alter, that's why she's here," he says. "And I'm here for the same reason. We go through the same things that everyone else goes through."

The original 90 Day Fiancé series that started it all premieres Sunday, Dec. 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on TLC.

Watch the video below to see the drama-filled season 8 trailer.