'90 Day Fiancé' Tell-All: Biniyam Tells Ariela's Ex-Husband to 'Back Off'

Biniyam's K-1 visa got approved and he and Ariela are now living together in America.

Ariela and Biniyam are still working out serious issues in their relationship. During the 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way tell-all episode on Sunday, the couple shared that Biniyam did end up getting a K-1 visa and is now living with Ariela in New Jersey, but things are far from perfect.

During the season finale, Biniyam traveled back to Ethiopia alone to do the K-1 visa interview, since Ariela said she was too traumatized to go with him though her lawyer told her she should be there to drastically improve his chances of getting his visa approved. Ariela said she was still hurt by Biniyam's behavior when she went to New Jersey so that their son, Avi, could get hernia surgery, and he stayed behind in Ethiopia, which included him turning off his phone for hours and partying with other women. 

At the tell-all, Biniyam said their relationship was currently "good." Meanwhile, Ariela noted, "I think Biniyam having the opportunity to be in the U.S. and see where I'm from, understand me better, I don't know, I think it makes the relationship stronger by showing, like, 'OK, we don't need things from each other. We just want each other.'"

The elephant in the room was then brought up when it came to Ariela's questionable relationship with her ex-husband, Leandro. During the season, Biniyam was jealous that she and Leandro were still extremely close, talking on the phone for hours in Spanish, and him even bringing her bras when he came to visit in Ethiopia. Leandro made an appearance on set and defended his relationship with Ari. He asked Biniyam if he was a girlfriend of Ariela's, would he still have the same issue.

"No, because you're Ari's ex-husband and that bothers me," Biniyam bluntly responded.

Biniyam's fellow 90 Day Fiancé cast members stepped up to defend him.

"There's no comparison," Kenny said. "Like, if I was in his place, hearing him give you advice, and he's your ex of a long time, that's hard to swallow."

When Ariela said that she also gave Leandro relationship advice with his girlfriend, Kenny shot back, "I bet. And I don't know if his girlfriend's into it either. But, I know it wouldn't work on this end."

Leandro defended himself and said Biniyam's "insecurities" was more of the issue than the relationship with Ariela itself. But he said he did understand his jealousy and "the threatening situation." Leandro noted, "Well, I'm very good friends with Ari, so if she tells me, 'back off' then ... she has to tell me. She's her own individual and she needs to make that decision." 

When Shaun asked who thinks Leandro should back off when it comes to his friendship with Ariela, every cast member -- including Biniyam -- raised their hands high.

But Leandro wasn't the only issue in Ariela and Biniyam's relationship. Ariela got into an intense argument with his sisters, Wish and Mimi, who made a virtual appearance. Wish and Mimi already had a shaky relationship with Ariela, but it definitely soured. Wish denied Ariela's claim that she was the one who told her that Biniyam was entertaining other women while she was in America, and Wish and Mimi also accused Avi's nanny -- whom Ariela is extremely close to -- of giving her bad advice. Ariela defended the nanny and accused his sisters of being "jealous."

"Stop involving yourselves in our relationship," she said. "You guys are jealous of him and you're jealous of me. You will always try to poison my mind against your brother. You never wanted this relationship to work out. I never, ever, ever want to speak to either of you again. You guys are pathetic. You are not my family. I do not want you in my life."

Ariela walked off stage and said she wouldn't continue with the tell-all as long as Wish and Mimi were still present. Ariela told a producer backstage, "That woman, Wish, she's the only person telling me negative things about her brother. Even telling me, 'There's women staying in your house.' Who can believe her? She wants to destroy this relationship."

Biniyam said this was "a girl problem" and wanted to stay out of it. He said that they would eventually work it out because they were family, but Ariela had had enough.

"It's not that I'm mad. It's just I don't see any reason to get into a conversation with them because they're not being honest," she said. "There's nothing to be gained by talking with them. I've tried so many times to build a relationship with them, to be friendly with them, to help them, to be family with them, and it's never worked. So I just get to the point, I'm done. Like, that's it. I don't have anything to say."

Biniyam said that Ariela knew that he loved his sisters and that he would try to talk to them and work it out. He told Ariela that she didn't have a choice because they were also her sisters.

"Oh, they're not my sisters," Ariela shot back. "No. No, no, no, no, no. I'm sorry to you that your future wife doesn't get along with your family."