'90 Day Fiancé': Tiffany Talks to a Lawyer About Divorcing Ronald Without Him Knowing

Tiffany is at her breaking point when it comes to her and Ronald's marriage.

Things are not looking good for 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way season 1 couple Tiffany and Ronald. The two are featured in the new season of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? and although they're still married, they're now living in different countries -- Tiffany is back in the U.S. after she returned to give birth to their daughter, Carley, and Ronald is still in South Africa -- and Tiffany has reached a breaking point.

On Sunday's episode, Tiffany visited a divorce lawyer and told cameras that Ronald didn't know that she wanted a divorce. She explained that she was tired of taking care of her two young children on her own. Aside from Carley, she also has a son named Daniel, whom she actually didn't know she was pregnant with until she gave birth unexpectedly when she was 18 years old. The last time Tiffany and Ronald saw one another in person was eight months ago.

"Ronald right now is not emotionally supportive," she told cameras. "He's not financially supportive. Not once does Ronald offer, 'Hey, let me buy diapers for Carley. Hey, let me send her some clothes or let me send you money for clothes.' Nothing. And that's so frustrating because it's not only my responsibility, I didn't make this baby alone."

"I've always been committed to making things work between Ronald and I, but lately, I feel like I'm the only one trying," she continued. "Ronald doesn't know this but I think I want a divorce. ... A lot has happened in the past couple of months. Sometimes, I worry that I'm stuck in this marriage versus I'm in this marriage because I'm happy."

Later, Tiffany broke down in tears while talking to the lawyer about having to handle everything on her own.

"In order for me to believe that this could work long-term, I need Ronald to get a job," she said. "I need Ronald to save money. I need Ronald to put in as much effort as I'm putting in. The clearest thing to me is I can no longer baby Ronald. I can no longer fund everything for us. I cannot take all responsibility. This will no longer be all on me."

Meanwhile, Ronald said he was sad to be without his family while he waited for his visa to come to America to be approved. He shared that after getting help for his gambling addiction, he's been doing odd jobs to make ends meet but that it wasn't easy finding steady work in South Africa.  

"It's not easy to have a wife who's always doubting you're doing the right thing," he noted of Tiffany's frustrations with him.

He had no inkling that Tiffany was considering divorce, and said that he thought everything would be fine once Tiffany and the kids visited him in South Africa during their upcoming planned trip.

"So, once everyone is in South Africa, I'm positive that Tiffany is gonna see me as the man, as the husband, like I know I can be, you know, for this relationship and for this family," he said.

But he's later shocked when Tiffany told him she canceled their tickets to South Africa and that if he wanted to see them, he would have to buy the tickets this time.

"It's not fair that I'm always paying for it," she said. "I have been working as a professional makeup artist and we're barely making it as it is. And I am one person. And if he can't be supportive ... I mean, I won't be supportive because I don't need to keep giving when I'm receiving nothing."

An upset Ronald told Tiffany he didn't have that kind of money because of the currency exchange, but Tiffany argued that he recently paid $3,000 to fix his motorcycle.

"I am sympathetic to the fact that a lot of money over there will amount to a little money here," she said. "I don't expect a lot from him, but some effort would be amazing. Send your daughter a pack of socks. I don't care, but do something."

Ronald argued that it was her choice to live in a country that he couldn't afford, but Tiffany stayed firm on what she wanted from him. She later ended up hanging up the phone on him out of frustration.

"The reality of the story is Ronald is taking care of Ronald, Ronald is taking care of his niece, and his motorcycle, while I take care of Daniel, myself, and his daughter, Carley, without any help from him," she told cameras. "Right now, I have very clear expectations for Ronald. I need him to get a job. I need him to save money. I need him to start helping me with the kids. Otherwise, it doesn't matter how patient I am, this marriage is not gonna work."

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