'90 Day Fiancé': Usman's Mysterious Ex, Zara, Is Revealed

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90 Day Fiancé star Usman, aka musician Sojaboy, clearly has a thing for American women. On Sunday's episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, 32-year-old Usman got ready to meet 50-year-old Kim in person after connecting online. However, his friends were skeptical of Kim -- who's traveling all the way from San Diego, California, to Tanzania in East Africa, where Usman is shooting a music video -- after his two failed relationships with American women.

90 Day Fiancé cameras previously followed 32-year-old Usman's journey with 53-year-old Lisa, though it ended in a messy divorce. In a recent interview with ET, Usman talked about his ex, Zara, who's also an American woman but is younger than both Lisa and Kim. Their relationship -- which he told ET ended because 36-year-old Zara didn't like the attention he received from female fans -- left such an impression on him that the song he's shooting a music video for is about her and is titled "Zara." On Sunday's episode, Zara's picture was shown.

Meanwhile, Kim was excited to meet Usman despite him only calling her his "potential girlfriend" and booking separate hotel rooms for them against her wishes. She called Usman "the man of my dreams" and said she already loved him.

"I love Usman, but he doesn't know if he wants to be in a relationship with an American woman again because of his ex-wife," she said. "This trip is my chance to prove to him that I am not like his ex-wife and then to see if we can build a future together."

Usman told cameras that he loved Kim's personality, kindness and loyalty. But his friends and manager were not happy that Usman invited Kim to his music video and said that as a celebrity, people would expect him to be with younger, model-type women instead of women in their 50s. Usman argued that although Lisa and Kim were roughly the same age, they were totally different in character and behavior.

"She's going to be submissive," he said of Kim, who already told him he could have multiple wives since she didn't want to have any more children. "She's going to be supportive. She's going to be loyal."

As for Zara, he said the two stopped talking.

"Zara is another person I talked to online," he told cameras. "I truly fall in love with that lady, but she could not handle my female fans following and commenting on my posts, so we stopped talking. You know, it wasn't easy for me because I have feelings for her. But I have to move on and I just decided to focus on Kimberly."

When his friends pointed out that it was awkward to invite Kim to a music video about a song written for another woman, he replied, "But you don't know how supportive this lady is."

"Kimberly does not only love me for being fan, but she love me for real and she want to be with me and I need to know where this is going to," he said. "If everything works out, she can be my wife."

ET spoke to Usman earlier this month, and he said he was now "in love" with Kim.

"I love her with all my bones, my heart," he said. "Right now, I am in love. I love Kimberly, I can say that any way in the world. I love her. I'm not shy. I'm not ashamed. I am proud to say that I love her. I love her for real."


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