'90 Day Fiancé': Varya Surprises Geoffrey in the U.S. But Is Shocked to See He's Already Moved On

Varya and Geoffrey

90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days viewers were in for quite the ride on Sunday, when Geoffrey and Varya's relationship took a shocking turn.

This season has followed 41-year-old Geoffrey's journey to Russia to meet his online girlfriend, 30-year-old Varya. After coming clean to her about his criminal past -- he's spent time in prison for selling drugs -- Varya was more hesitant about moving forward with their relationship and ended up rejecting his proposal. A hurt Geoffrey returned to Knoxville, Tennessee, and said he was done with Varya, noting he wanted someone who was sure about their future with him.

But Varya regretted rejecting his proposal and texted him repeatedly when he returned to the United States. Geoffrey didn't respond, and instead quickly decided to give his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, Mary, another shot. Before he left to Russia, Mary had made it obvious she was still interested in him and asked him why he didn't see what was "two feet" away from him. Geoffrey was surprised, but explained to cameras at the time that the timing had "never been right" with Mary when they dated in the past and he still considered her a good friend.

However, Geoffrey put out all the stops to romance Mary upon his return to Knoxville, taking her out on a romantic date and dressing up and buying her flowers. They both decided to give their relationship another try -- despite Mary knowing he recently proposed to Varya and she said no -- after Geoffrey assured Mary that it was completely over with Varya and that he was no longer communicating with her.

"It feels right," Geoffrey said about his relationship with Mary, as his two sons shared that they also approved of Mary.

However, viewers got quite the shock when back in Russia, Varya told TLC cameras that her tourist visa just got approved and she was now coming to the Knoxville to surprise Geoffrey. Varya had no clue Geoffrey had gotten back together with his ex, since he stopped texting her. Varya was so confident that she and Geoffrey would get back together that she only booked one night at a hotel and said she would be staying the rest of her two-week trip at Geoffrey's home.

"I'm here to win back my prince," Varya said, as she noted that she had to "look drop dead gorgeous" the next morning for when she surprised Geoffrey.

Varya took a taxi to Geoffrey's home and Geoffrey answered the doorbell, clearly stunned to see her.

"What are you doing here?" he asked as she went in for a hug and a kiss.

In a shocking turn of events, Mary was also at his home when Varya appeared and was clearly not here for the surprise visit. In a preview of next week's episode, Varya and Mary get into a shouting match, when Mary asks what she's doing here. After Mary tells Varya that she is "the one in the wrong here," Varya shouts at her "I don't speak to you!" Meanwhile, a clearly overwhelmed Geoffrey is caught in the middle looking extremely uncomfortable.

Sunday's episode also featured a huge fight between another couple, 52-year-old Lisa and 30-year-old Usman, after she caught him telling another woman he loved her on his phone. Watch the video below to see how the drama played out.


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