'90 Day Fiancé's Geoffrey Paschel Sentenced to 18 Years in Prison Without Possibility of Parole

Geoffrey was convicted of kidnapping and assaulting his ex-fiancée in October.

90 Day Fiancé star Geoffrey Paschel has been sentenced to 18 years in prison without the possibility of parole after being convicted of kidnapping and assaulting his ex-fiancée, Knox County Office of the District Attorney General Charme Allen said in a press release on Friday.

In October, Paschel was convicted of aggravated kidnapping, domestic assault, and interference with emergency calls in Knox County. On Friday, he was sentenced.

"Geoffrey Ian Paschel, 44, was convicted of Aggravated Kidnapping, Domestic Assault, and Interference with Emergency Calls. Judge Kyle Hixson ordered Paschel to serve eighteen years in prison without the possibility of parole," the press release states.

Paschel's prior convictions -- which include possession with intent to sell a controlled substance and two federal drug trafficking charges -- was factored in to his sentencing.

"At a sentencing hearing today, prosecutors successfully argued that Paschel is a Range II Offender based on convictions out of Blount County for Possession with Intent to Sell a Schedule I Controlled Substance and Possession with Intent to Sell Schedule II Cocaine and two federal drug trafficking convictions out of the Eastern District of Texas," the press release states. "Prosecutors also put on proof from this victim and Paschel’s ex-wife about several previous incidents of domestic violence committed by Paschel.  Jail video was also presented in which Paschel asked individuals to take his children to the victim's house in an attempt to convince her to ask the Court for leniency."

According to the press release from the Knox County Office of the District Attorney General that was released in October, Paschel physically assaulted his then-fiancée on June 9, 2019, and officers with the Knox County Sheriff's Office responded to a call of a domestic disturbance. According to the press release, Paschel "grabbed the victim by the neck and slammed her head against the wall several times. She was also thrown to the ground and dragged." Paschel denied the allegations and said her bruises were self-inflicted.

Knox County Sheriff's Department

"Paschel took the victim's cell phone and did not allow her to leave the residence," the press release stated. "The victim fled to a neighbor's house after Paschel fell asleep. Officers noted a large, raised bruise on the victim's forehead along with bruises and abrasions on her back, arms, and the inside of her lip. She was also diagnosed with a concussion. At trial, Paschel testified that the victim's bruises were self-inflicted, but the jury discredited his testimony and found him guilty-as-charged."

Paschel starred in season 4 of 90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days, when cameras documented his trip to Russia to meet his online girlfriend, Varya. Some viewers called for his removal after allegations against him came to light, and TLC decided to not have Paschel on that season's tell-all special.