'90 Day Fiancé's Larissa Dos Santos Lima Details Botched Plastic Surgery Procedure

The reality TV star took to Instagram to share her story, along with images of the surgery gone wrong.

90 Day Fiancé's Larissa Dos Santos Lima is opening up about a botched plastic surgery procedure she underwent over a year ago. In a series of posts shared to Instagram, Larissa shared her story and detailed the procedure that left her without a belly button.

"Today, I would like to take the first step in slowly opening up about a plastic surgery procedure I received that is botched. Like so many other people in this situation, I've been scared and embarrassed to speak out. It's been over a year now since I've been botched," Larissa wrote, alongside a photo, which appeared to be taken at medical facility, showing her arm, hooked up to IV fluids.

While she was hesitant to speak out about the botched surgery, the 34-year-old reality TV star said she was inspired by former super model, Linda Evangelista, who recently spoke out about her bad experience with cosmetic procedures.

"I did not want to speak of this before, but I'm tired of being silent in my sadness with no where to go to fix the problem. My inspiration to open up is @lindaevangelista . Now, I have the courage," she continued.

In another post, Larissa shared the aftermath of the botched procedure, posting several photos which revealed that she had lost her belly button after undergoing an abdominoplasty -- otherwise known as a tummy tuck. In the post, Larissa claims that during the surgery, her belly button was removed and disposed of without her consent.

Despite several revisions to create a belly button for the now Instagram influencer, Larissa says it was not possible for a new belly button to be made.

"First botched procedure: My belly button," Larissa began. "When I got abdominoplasty, My belly button was removed and disposed without my consent. I did 3 very painful revisions to create a belly button. Unfortunately, it was never fixed."

She added, "My friend @nmbrowsandlashes tried many times improve the appearance through treatments, like fibroblast, it worked my a belly button isn't possible to be made."

Larissa has been open about her journey with plastic surgery, both on the show and on social media. When ET spoke to Larissa in June 2020, she spoke candidly about the work she's had done, and her desire for more plastic surgery.

"I'm a big fan of cosmetic procedures," Larissa said at the time. "Having the cosmetic surgery was something that I really wanted to do a long time ago."

"No, I'm not done," she continued when asked about having more surgery in the near future. "My next goal is to get a tummy tuck and a Brazilian butt lift. ... Once we drink the wine of the plastic surgery, we start to find things that we can fix, we can change, you know? And once I tried [it], I don't want to stop."

For more on the Brazilian-born reality star, check out the video below.



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