'90 Day: The Single Life': Molly Tries on Her 36JJ Size Bra for New Boyfriend Kelly (Exclusive)

Molly continues to fall harder for her new boyfriend, Kelly.

90 Day Fiancé star Molly is letting her new boyfriend, Kelly, into a big part of her life. In this exclusive clip from Sunday's 90 Day: The Single Life, Molly shows Kelly around the lingerie store she owns in Georgia, even trying on a bra for him.

Molly met Kelly online, and he's visiting her from Brooklyn, New York. While we already know from a previous episode that the two have chemistry, Molly is now showing him the more intimate parts of her life.

"I've had full busts my entire life," she says. "I'm a 36JJ, and I've always had a problem finding bras. So, I realized that the thing I 100 percent can do with confidence is help women with their bra size. It's kind of like my superpower. So, what better place to be in, than in the business of boobs?"

"No other man I've been with has taken any interest in my business at all," she continues. "So, I hope that Kelly is different."

As Molly shows Kelly around her lingerie store, he's clearly enjoying himself. At one point, he sees a blue bra and marvels, "What size is this? Jesus. Like, an elbow can go in there." Kelly then hilariously tells him that the bra is actually her size, and he helps her try it on over her shirt.

"I'm not used to hooking, I'm used to unhooking," he cracks.

Meanwhile, Molly is happy with Kelly's reaction to everything as the two laugh together at some of the items she sells, like crotchless underwear.

"Kelly in my bra shop is like a kid in a candy store," Molly notes. "I can't tell if he's like, into what I do for a living or if he's just super horny. Either way, he's having a lot of fun."

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To see Molly dish on her and Kelly's passionate first night together, watch the video below.