'9-1-1': Bobby and Hen Are Faced With a... Buggy Problem in Season 5 Finale Sneak Peek (Exclusive)

Jack Zeman/Fox

The final episode of the season airs Monday as the series awaits a renewal.

Beware! This 9-1-1 finale first look may not be for the squeamish or the faint of heart. On Monday's season 5 closer, titled "Starting Over," Bobby, Hen and Chimney respond to a 9-1-1 emergency call at a hair salon after a stylist suddenly collapses while tending to a (very demanding) client complaining of hair issues.

As the chaotic scene plays out in ET's exclusive sneak peek from the finale, her belief that her head pain is caused by the extensions the hair stylist put in her hair her may actually be wrong. After the hair stylist comes to (his collapsing in the salon was caused by the horror of what he saw in her hair), it's only then that the full picture becomes clear.

Desperate for someone to tend to her hair emergency, the inconsolable client demands Bobby and Hen help her.

"My head, it's throbbing ever since he put these extensions in a few days ago! I had these blinding headaches!" she says in desperation, before asking Hen to bring her out of her misery. "You keep scissors in that thing, right? Can you cut it out?"

But Bobby notices something is not right. 

"Uh, Hen, can you come and take a look at this?" he asks, trying to be as discreet as possible as he worriedly looks at the back of her head.

"Aren't those...?" Bobby asks Hen, as he parts the woman's hair to reveal a very shocking twist to the whole ordeal. But Hen reacts the way any one of us would, a little stunned and a little grossed out: "Ugh, maggots?!"

Maybe the woman was right to be worried after all. Watch ET's exclusive clip below.

The season 5 finale of 9-1-1 airs Monday, May 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Fox.

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