ACM Awards: Florida Georgia Line & Cassadee Pope's Stylist Shares How Artists' Looks Came Together (Exclusive)

Florida Georgia Line
Katie Kauss

Krista Roser, who also styled Morgan Evans, Ryan Hurd and Cassidy Bentley, gives ET an inside look at how she prepped for the awards.

It was a busy day for Krista Roser, who had a handful of country superstars to get all glammed up for the 2019 Academy of Country Music Awards.

As country music’s best reunited at MGM Grand Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on Sunday, the Nashville-based stylist and her team divided and conquered to get singers Cassadee Pope, Ryan Hurd, Morgan Evans, Cassidy Bentley and Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard, as well as their wives, Brittney Kelley and Hayley Hubbard, ACM Awards ready.

Roser exclusively shares with ET behind-the-scenes photos of the big stars getting ready, as well as fun facts and notes about how the looks came to be.

Katie Kauss

Florida Georgia Line


Krista Roser: For the Florida Georgia Line family, we did a color story of all blue tones. I was inspired by the Hubbards having a boy and the Kelleys’ clothing line, Tribe Kelley. I wanted to showcase each of their personal styles while still showcasing different tones of blue.

Tyler and Hayley Hubbard


KR: Tyler is in a full Missoni look. It’s one of my favorite suits as it’s all knitted and showcases different colors in the treads. We paired it with a Missoni polo with the same colors as the threads. It complements Hayley’s look so well, as she's wearing a stunning Roland Mouret archive gown. This dress has beautiful geometric designs that are similar to the designs in Tyler’s suit. It’s very modern and timeless at the same time.

Tyler Hubbard
Suit: Missoni
Shirt: Missoni
Watch: Movado

Hayley Hubbard
Dress: Roland Mouret
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik
Clutch: Judith Leiber
Jewelry: Cirari

Courtesy of Krista Roser

Brian and Brittney Kelley 

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

KR: Brittney is wearing a Tribe Kelley X Krista Roser, showcasing the spring trend of the bicycle short suit. She is a business owner and boss babe, so I wanted to showcase this through a modern take of the business suit. Brian is in a custom denim suit by Denimcratic. The all-denim suit was a challenge I wanted to take on since it’s easy for such a look to come across costumey -- we all remember the Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake full-denim carpet look. I wanted this to look classic, modern and sleek. I feel we successfully made that happen with this look, and it might be be one of my favorite looks we have done together. 

Brian Kelley                     
Suit: Custom Denimcratic    
Shirt: Ralph Lauren    
Shoes: Christian Louboutin     
Hat: Stetson

Brittney Kelley                    
Jacket and Pants: Tribe Kelley x Krista Roser        
Clutch: Judith Leiber    
Shoes: Francesco Russo
Jewelry: Jen Hansen

Courtesy of Krista Roser
Courtesy of Krista Roser

Cassadee Pope

John Shearer/WireImage

KR: Cassadee Pope’s look was going to be a showstopper! Her skin tone looks amazing in this white Vitor Zerbinato cutout gown. We complemented the white with pops of green with her jewelry and clutch. 

Dress: Vitor Zerbinato
Shoes: Loriblu
Earrings and Ring: Marisa Clermann
Ring: Jack Vartanian
Clutch: Judith Leiber

Courtesy of Krista Roser

Ryan Hurd   

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

KR: Ryan wanted to showcase the new spring trend of the shirtless suit! This trend isn’t for everyone, but Ryan is the perfect person to pull it off. His Armani navy pinstripe double-breasted suit is tailored perfectly to him to show off just the right amount of chest. We layered two David Yurman tiger’s eye chains and finished the look with a matching navy Movado watch and Bruno Magli slip ons.  This is definitely a rocker, edgy take on a traditional suit look.  

Suit: Giorgio Armani
Jewelry: David Yurman
Shoes: Bruno Maglio
Watch: Movado

Katie Kauss

Morgan Evans    

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

KR: Morgan Evans’ look is perfect for spring. The color blue just pops and is the perfect mix of casual but still tailored. We wanted it to feel more relaxed and casual with the white Armani tee and sneakers. This look is just the epitome of casual cool. 

Suit: Strong Suit
Shoes: Giorgio Armani
Shirt: Armani Exchange    
Watch: Movado

Cassidy Bentley

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

KR: Cassidy Bentley and I both couldn’t get the idea of jewel tones out of our heads for this carpet. So I love this pop of fuchsia Dundas dress from By Fashionaholic on her. We also included pink and green accessories to show more color. It’s just a fun, cool look for this Vegas carpet.

Dress: Dundas
Shoes: Manolo Blahnik
Jewelry: Marisa Clermann    
Jewelry: Jack Vartanian
Clutch: Alexander McQueen

Courtesy of Krista Roser

ET: Are there any fun facts we should know about the looks?

KR: Brian from Florida Georgia Line’s suit is all denim. We wanted to do a modern take on a traditional western look. Also, Brittney’s custom Tribe Kelley x Krista Roser look is using all Tribe items and materials to create her three-piece suit. Tyler from FGL is wearing all Missoni and this is the first time they have dressed a country artist for an awards show.

How long did it take to get each of the artists’ look down for the ACMs?

There is so much work that goes into getting the perfect carpet look. We generally do 1-2 fittings prior to the carpet to make sure each look is perfect.  

How do you prep for a major country music awards show like this? And what is the total completion time from start to finish when getting a celeb ready?

I have a total of eight people for this awards show. First and most important is finding out everyone’s glam schedule and carpet arrival times, and organize a schedule for the day to have someone help each one get ready. I have two assistants and a tailor with me for this show and we will all divide and conquer. I’m starting the day with a final fitting with a couple of artists then dress rehearsals with FGL, then we all will separate and get each person dressed. After the carpet with FGL, we will rush backstage to get them changed for their performance as they open the show and then help them with after-performance looks. Then we are done! It ends ups being a long 12-hour day.

How many options did each artist have?

For our first fitting, each client has a few racks of options. By the day of the event, we have 1-2 options for each look. It’s good to have a backup for some looks as you want to be prepared in case something doesn’t work out.

Cassadee Pope has a great sense of style. How do you both work together to get the perfect look?

She does have a great sense of style. She knows what she likes but is open to suggestions, which I love. She sent me some inspiration before our fitting of some things she loved and from that, I pulled options with the same story/vibe, but also some others that I felt fit her personality. We are doing a look that’s different than anything she has done on a carpet before. She put it on and our jaws dropped! It’s a statement in all the right ways. 

What is your favorite part about working with your artists?

I love creating different carpet looks showcasing their personalities and brand, but still creating trends and being fashionable. All of my clients have such different vibes and I love getting to be creative in all different ways.

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