Adam Driver Reportedly Walks Out of Interview After Being Played a Clip From 'Marriage Story'

Adam Driver Star Wars Return of Skywalker Premiere
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The actor allegedly left after listening to a clip of himself, something he has previously said he doesn't enjoy.

Adam Driver reportedly walked out of an interview with NPR's Fresh Air after listening to a clip of himself singing "Being Alive" from his film, Marriage Story.

According to multiple reports, the actor left his interview with Terry Gross after he expressed that he didn't enjoy listening to himself or watching his previous work. Per The Daily Beast, Gross' team was told about Driver's concerns and advised him to take off his headphones when the clip played. However, Fresh Air's executive producer, Danny Miller, told the publication that Driver left during a break in the interview "while we were playing back a clip from the film." 

"We don't really understand why he left," Miller said in an email to The Daily Beast. "We were looking forward to the interview -- Terry thinks he’s a terrific actor, he was a great guest when he was on [Fresh Air] in 2015 -- so we were disappointed that we didn’t have a new interview to share with our listeners about Marriage Story."

Driver was recording his interview in New York, while Gross was in Fresh Air's main base in Philadelphia.

In a 2015 interview with Gross, Driver also refused to listen to audio of himself, expressing his discomfort during the interview.

"I don't want to hear the bad acting that probably was happening during that clip," Driver jokingly said.

When asked if it threw him off, he replied: "Yeah, no, I've watched myself or listened to myself before, then always hate it. And then wish I could change it, but you can’t. And I think I have, like, a tendency to try to make things better or drive myself and the other people around me crazy with the things I wanted to change or I wish I could change."

Meanwhile, ET caught up with Driver's Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker co-star, Daisy Ridley, on Monday, where she opened up about working with the incredible cast and how the final film made her extremely emotional. 

See below to hear what she shared.