Adam Lambert Is Instagram Official With Boyfriend Javi Costa Polo

The 'American Idol' alum looks super smitten with his new beau!

Adam Lambert is a man in love!

On Tuesday, the American Idol alum went public with his relationship with Javi Costa Polo by sharing several candid photos of himself cuddled up to his model beau. "LUV U," Lambert captioned the images.

In the first black-and-white pic, the happy couple appear to be in a photo booth as they ham it up for the camera. Polo sticks his tongue out while Lambert gives a smirk.

In the next image, the pair strike a pose, with the 37-year-old singer kneeling down and holding his boyfriend's legs. 

The most intimate pic of all is a selfie of the two making kissy faces.

In addition to the photos, Lambert also shared a snap on his Instagram Story of Costa sleeping, writing: "Lap nap."


As for how long these two have been an item, Lambert responded to one fan on Instagram who asked: "So @adamlambert, you're finally making it official? You're with @javicostapolo as a couple?"

He replied, "Honey, we have been official for months. IG isn't the gatekeeper of our truth!"

Further confirming Lambert's comment, last month, Polo shared a screen shot of himself seated next to his beau at the 2019 Oscars. 

Back in 2015, Lambert opened up to ET about his struggle to find love and how his song, "Ghost Town," relates to his dating life.

"There are moments where I wonder to myself, 'Am I gonna fall in love again? Or ever? To the way that I feel like I want to?'" the rocker said, adding that his song could also be posing a question. "Is my heart a ghost town? I don't know."

Lambert also shared his relationship deal breakers. "Drama! I don't want any drama!" he exclaimed. "None. I want it to be harmonious and smooth sailing, and I think at this point, being in this industry and being a performer and having a busy schedule and having a lot of other priorities, ultimately I feel like I'm gonna need somebody who can hang with all that. I don't know where the heck they are -- that's a lot to ask of somebody."

Cheers to the happy couple and here's more with Lambert: