Adele, Adam Lambert and More Stars Lose Their Minds Over Beyonce's Coachella Performance -- See the Reactions!

Beyonce's historic performance at Coachella stunned just about everyone with surprise guests, a marching band and an epic set.

We can forgive Adele for completely losing her mind during Beyonce's epic and historic headlining performance at Coachella Saturday night -- she wasn't alone.

Celebrity reviews are pouring in after Beyonce tore it up with a full marching band, brought Destiny's Child back together, nailed a duet with hubby JAY-Z and had an incredible dance-off with sister, Solange Knowles -- all in one performance. And those reviews are raving.

Adele posted a trio of fun Instagram videos of her dancing and going bonkers during the performance, swinging her hair around, shaking her booty and dancing with a trumpet (Does she play the trumpet? Where did she even get one?). She named the videos, simply, "Mood 1-3 #Beychella." 

Rihanna could be seen in the front row of Beyonce's show, clearly enjoying herself.

And Snoop Dogg dropped some serious plaudits for Beyonce, saying that she has dethroned his favorite two performers at Coachella.

"There has been a reshuffling of the order now, meaning that there's a new top three performers of all time at Coachella. Naturally you would say, Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg is definitely the top three," Snoop Dogg said in an Instagram video. "Now, I don't know who else was in there, but I'm going move somebody out to put Beyonce in there -- right above me and Dr. Dre. Because that s**t last night? Spectacular. Brilliant. Amazing. I bow down to the queen. The queen Bey. Beyonce is now the number one performer at Coachella, all time. Me and Dr. Dr... we right behind you."

The reviews from other artists were no less positive:

The best news yet? Beyonce has more time to blow all our minds again when she returns next week for the second week of Coachella -- sorry, Beychella.

For a look back at the run-up to her historic performance, watch the video below.


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