Adrienne Houghton Shares the Special Story of How She Chose Her Wedding Date (Exclusive)

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Adrienne Houghton is confident in her relationship with husband Israel Houghton.

The Real co-host sat down with ET Live to talk about her current projects, as well as take a trip down memory lane, which included her stunning wedding day and how she found her perfect man.

"He is my favorite human being," Adrienne gushed. "I really like him, I like hanging out with him. We like to travel. We enjoy each other's company… There is nothing better than not just being married, but marrying the right person. Chemistry, compatibility is so important."

Adrienne married Israel on November 11, 2016, after dating for months, but knowing each other for years. Famously-linked to Rob Kardashian, the former Cheetah Girl described her early days of dating and how picky she was in the beginning. Her advice to single women on how to find true love: Have fewer requirements when looking for a partner.

"I really used to be gung-ho on certain things," she explained. "I was like, 'I'll never date a man who has kids. I'll never date a man who was married before.' And then you change those things because you could be missing out on your soul mate. [They] could be right there because you have [so many requirements]."

Happily married, Adrienne also shared why getting hitched on 11/11 was so important for her.

"Eleven, eleven was so significant to me. Just throughout my life, I would constantly see it on the clock. I would end up going to buildings and see the number 11:11, the address that I was heading to… It was just random stuff like that. And when I started dating my husband, I would tell him, 'Babe, when you see 11:11, you have to make a wish and say a little prayer.' Then we decided that that would be our wedding day."

She also incorporates that date into her newly-launched jewelry line, XIXI Faith and Familia.

"It's all about the joyería! It definitely had a lot to do with my Latina culture, but I left the nursery where I was born with two I.D. bracelets. Two of my godmothers showed up with two I.D. bracelets for me, I wore both. I had an ankle as a baby and a pinky ring… I had mad jewelry. That was how we showed our love, for every birthday I got jewelry. I love that I get to design a collection that is based on that."

Meanwhile, Adrienne also opened up about pregnancy and expanding her family in the future. While she is not in any rush to have kids, Adrienne admitted to having a skewed concept on how easily it could be to get pregnant, which is not always the case. 

"I feel young on the inside but they tell me 35 is actually older to have children," she explained. "So I think, socially you hear women getting pregnant at 50, Halle Berry, Janet Jackson. I'm like, 'I got this.' And it just isn't how it's been for me… We need to normalize the conversation. I think if we're open and honest about the difficulties of getting pregnant more often, more women would feel better about having the conversation, and they wouldn't get on themselves about it, that it makes you less of a woman if you can't get pregnant right away."

For more on ET's interview with Houghton, watch below.


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