Afton Williamson Names Fellow ‘Rookie’ Actor She Alleges Sexually Harassed Her in New Post


Afton Williamson is speaking out again about her decision to quit The Rookie.

After the actress revealed that she's decided to leave the show ahead of its second season, alleging that she was the victim of racial discrimination, bullying and sexual harassment, she returned with a new post on Monday in which she accused one of her fellow The Rookie actors, by name, of sexual harassment.

"This season on The Rookie, I was sexually harassed by fellow actor Demetrius Grosse," Williamson alleged in her latest Instagram post. The actress further claimed, "I was Racially Bullied and Discriminated against and Sexually Assaulted by Hair Department Head Sally Nicole Ciganovich."

Neither Grosse -- who guest starred as Detective Kevin Wolfe in five episodes of the ABC cop drama -- nor Ciganovich have publicly addressed Williamson's recent accusations. ET has reached out for comment.

In her most recent post, Williamson also shared her appreciation for the support she's received since she announced her exit from the series.

"To my Fans, my Friends, my Supporters: I want to Thank EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU. I am so beyond overwhelmed by the outpouring of love, kind words, scriptures, strength filled quotes and devout support that has come my way," the actress wrote. "One Instagram post is just like those 2 fish and 5 loaves of Bread. The rippling effect it has had in just a few hours shows how much this world is aching with victims of racism, discrimination, sexual harassment, sexual assault, sexual abuse all of it."

"I am no stranger to all of the above even before this experience," Williamson added. "But it is through this experience and my platform that God pushed me to use the power within me. It just takes a VOICE."

She further explained that she feels it's her "duty" to use her voice to stand up against injustices and in support of women who have also been subjected to harassment, abuse and discrimination.

News that Williamson would be leaving the series first broke in late July. Her character, TO Talia Bishop, was a significant character during the show's first season, becoming a mentor to Nathan Fillion's John Nolan. 

Williamson, in her first post addressing her decision to quit, claimed that she went through the proper channels when she became the target of the alleged misconduct, but that her concerns went unheard.

"The Sexual Harassment though reported directly to the Showrunner/EP [Alexi Hawley] remained undocumented and was not reported to HR as promised," Williams wrote. "HR protocol was never adhered to following the above reports given by me to my Showrunner/EP and an investigation was never issued for any of my claims."

A spokesperson for ABC Studios released a statement to ET on Sunday, addressing Williamson's claims and their handling of the situation. "The allegations involve a production from Entertainment One. In late June, eOne made us aware and informed us that they launched an investigation that is ongoing," the statement read. "The safety of working environments is a top priority for us, and we take this matter very seriously."

It's unclear how Williamson's exit will be addressed on season two of The Rookie, however Harold Perrineau will reportedly be joining the series as a male detective for the show's upcoming second season.

ABC President Karey Burke was asked about the controversy on Monday at the Television Critics Association summer press tour. "I don't have a lot of answers. I wish I had more," Burke said. "I learned alongside my colleagues at the end of June that there were allegations and an investigation had been launched by eOne."

Asked to clarify when she first heard about an investigation into Williamson's claims, Burke confirmed that "as far as I know, yes, end of June" was the first time she became aware of the allegations.

"I can trust the investigation because it's being done by a third party. I'm hopeful that those results are independent and trustworthy and anticipate that they will be. Those conclusions will help guide us in future... as far as communications," Burke said Monday. "We have an HR partner that is available to every single one of our shows... I would hope someone on that set would feel comfortable going to the HR partner on that show."

Burke was asked whether she is prepared to act swiftly on The Rookie based on the controversy surrounding the show. 

"I wish I could comment on that. I wish I had more answers. I'm frustrated," she said, declining to say more. "As soon as I know more, we will make a determination based on what is found out. So, it would be irresponsible for me to conjecture."



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