Alex Pettyfer Wants His Married Lover to Run Away With Him in 'The Last Witness' Clip (Exclusive)

ET has an exclusive look at the political thriller, in which Pettyfer plays a journalist investigating a string of suicides during WWII.

"You want me to just leave my husband, my job? Turn my back on my family and run off to London with you?" commander Jeanette Mitchell (Westworld's Talulah Riley) asks her lover in this exclusive clip from the political thriller The Last Witness. "That's impossible."

The Last Witness, available digitally and On Demand on May 29, is based on true events and centers on journalist Stephen Underwood (Alex Pettyfer) as he investigates a string of supposed suicides by Polish soldiers during World War II, while simultaneously carrying on an affair with a member of the women's branch of the British Army. "You know why he married you, right?" he questions Jeanette in the clip, to which she replies, "He is not the monster you want him to be." When Stephen proceeds to tell her that her marriage is a lie, she calls into question the verity of his investigation.

"I'm not sure how much faith I have in your big story, because if what the Polish colonel says is true, you have no proof," she tells him. "And as unfortunate as they are, these suicides are still just that: suicides, nothing more."

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Watch the trailer for The Last Witness:


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