Ali Fedotowsky Gets Candid About 'Terrifying' Pregnancy Scare With Baby No. 2


Ali Fedotowsky-Manno is opening up about the scary side of pregnancy.

In a new post shared on her blog, All Things Ali Luvs, on Wednesday, the former Bachelorette, who is expecting her second child with husband Kevin Manno, opened up about a "pretty big pregnancy scare" that occurred two nights ago. If you follow her on Instagram, you may have seen her go live earlier this week after waking up in the middle of the night with sharp pains in her uterus that just seemed to be getting worse over time.

"It was so extremely terrifying and I had no idea what was happening to me, my body and my unborn baby," the 33-year-old reality star recalls. "It started coming in waves just like contractions. And they were about seven minutes apart. And I KNOW contraction pain. I've had a baby before and the pain is intense, distinct and unmistakable when it's severe. I was without a doubt having contractions and I was absolutely terrified. So at that point I got out of the tub and woke Kevin up and told him what was happening. Of course he was super concerned for me and wanted more than anything to take away my pain."

"I really felt that the situation was serious when I suddenly had the urge to go to the bathroom," she adds. "As any woman who’s been through childbirth knows, when the baby comes it feels like you have to go No. 2. The pressure is very intense and I suddenly felt that intense pressure. Once I felt that pressure, my whimpers turned into sobs. At that point I was absolutely convinced that I was going into labor and was going to have a baby at 26-weeks pregnant."

Fedotowsky-Manno continued on, explaining all the terrifying thoughts that went through her head, like, whether she would have to spend months in the NICU, or if her baby would even be able to survive this premature birth. It's at that point that she considered going to the hospital.

But while she got in the car, thinking about making the trip to see a doctor, the pain suddenly stopped abruptly.

"It was the strangest thing ever. It was just gone," Fedotowsky-Manno remembers. "I waited a few more minutes and went back inside. I was kind of in shock yet again. How could it just be GONE?! But really, all I cared about was that for the first time in the longest 60 minutes of my life, I felt like everything was going to be OK."

"I talked to my doctor first thing the next morning and she told me that the contractions were most likely from severe dehydration and possibly the pain was made a little worse from gas," she adds. "It’s embarrassing for me to even say that because the pain I was experiencing was so awful that it seems insane to me that gas could cause something like that. But I think the majority of it came from dehydration."

Fedotowsky-Manno concluded the post by telling her fans that the reason she shared her story was to give peace to other expecting mamas out there who may experience something similar, while at the same time raising awareness about staying hydrated while pregnant.

"Some of you that commented or sent me a DM said that you actually did go into labor because you were dehydrated and had your baby early -- and sadly some didn’t make it," she shares. "That is so terrifying and so scary that I felt compelled to write this blog post today ... I'm opening up my blog today to all of you to share your stories and share tips for staying hydrated during pregnancy! I'm hoping that if any women are ever frantically searching the internet for answers at 2:30 in the morning one night in a similar situation, hopefully they'll see this blog and get answers."


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