Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta Divorcing After 8 Years of Marriage

Justin Hakuta and Ali Wong
Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

The comedian and the businessman share two daughters.

Ali Wong and Justin Hakuta are calling it quits. A rep for the comedian confirms to ET that Wong and Hakuta are divorcing after eight years of marriage. The former couple shares two daughters, Mari, 6, and Nikki, 4.

"The split between Ali and her husband is amicable," a source tells ET. "The two will continue to co-parent their two children lovingly."

Wong and Hakuta, both 39, met at a friend's wedding reception in 2010, when Hakuta was a student at Harvard Business School, People, who was first to publish the news of the pair's split, reported. They tied the knot four years later.

When Wong covered Health in 2019, she opened up about how her fame affected her relationship with the businessman.

"It's definitely weird. I’m very open about the fact that we go to therapy," she said. "We talk a lot about the transitions that we go through as a couple. He is so happy for me, but this lifestyle is not what he expected."

During her most recent standup special, Don Wong, which was released on Netflix in February, Wong said she feels "deep envy" for single people, added that she thinks about cheating on her husband "every five minutes," and joked that she's "going through a mid-life crisis."

"If you're romantically involved with somebody and then all of the sudden that somebody reveals a personality trait that you don't like, you could just leave, move to another city and never see their stupid face again," she said of non-married people. "Because you didn't make a promise in front of your grandma and all of your co-workers, and ask your friends to buy you an Instant Pot. You didn't fuse your DNA to create human life that will forever ask you, 'Where's Daddy?'"