All of Julia Louis-Dreyfus' Digs at Donald Trump While Hosting the DNC

The 'Veep' star and Andrew Yang also poked fun at Vice President Mike Pence.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus brought her comedic chops to night four of the Democratic National Convention on Thursday, taking multiple digs at President Donald Trump during the event.

One of her first clapbacks was about his infamous tax returns. While opening the night, she encouraged people to text VOTE to 30330 "to learn about all of your voting options and make the best plan for how to vote in your community wherever you are."

"An easy way to remember 30330 is, that is the year Donald Trump will finally release his tax returns," she quipped, adding, "If we all vote, there is nothing Facebook, Fox News, and Vladimir Putin can do to stop us, but first let's reaffirm the all-American values that our party and Joe Biden stand for."

In another reminder to text VOTE to that same number, she dunked on Trump's golf score and called him a cheater.

"30330. That would be the president's golf score if he didn't cheat," she said, before adding, "OK, look. I'll admit that was a little nasty. But we all know he's a cheater. And I'm proud to be a nasty, nasty woman."

Later on, the multi-Emmy winner took another jab at Trump while introducing a John Lewis segment.

"Just remember, Joe Biden goes to church so regularly that he doesn't even need tear gas and a bunch of federalized troops to help him get there," she said, referring to Trump's controversial photo op at St. John’s Episcopal Church amid the Black Lives Matter protests.

It didn't stop there. Louis-Dreyfus couldn't help but go all in, quipping, "Tonight I couldn't be prouder to be a loyal union member, a passionate climate activist and a patriotic Democrat. Or as Donald Trump will call me in a tweet tomorrow, a washed-up, horse-face, no-talent has been with low ratings. With all due respect, sir, it takes one to know one."

Trump wasn't her only target. She, along with Andrew Yang, also poked fun at Vice President Mike Pence, joking about how to pronounce his "not very American sounding name."

"She was fabulous," Louis-Dreyfus said of Kamala Harris' speech during night two. "I cannot wait to see her debate our current Vice President, Micah Pints, or is it Paints?"

"It's pronounced Ponce, I believe," Yang replied, with the actress asking, "Oh, some kind of weird foreign name?"

"Yeah, not very American sounding," he added.

Additionally, Louis-Dreyfus couldn't help but joke that a fifth night was added to the DNC where "we will just play Michelle Obama's speech on a loop," before going into her relationship with Joe Biden.

"I first met Joe Biden when I was doing my show Veep. I played the vice president and he was, in fact, the vice president, and we hit it off immediately. Soon after, I was asked to be on the cover of a magazine. Remember those?" she cracked. "And I was so excited, like, 'Oh, what's it going to be, People or Vogue or Rolling Stone?"

"Well, it turns out it was for Arrive, the official onboard magazine of Amtrak. Which nobody ever reads even though it's free. And the day it came out, my phone rang and it was the vice president telling me he loved the cover and the whole article and that it was one of the best issues of Arrive he had ever read," she continued. "And that is just one of the many reasons that I wanted to be here tonight for Joe, and to remind you that Joe Biden not only knows how to read but also he reads everything."

During the virtual event, Harris took to Twitter to compliment Louis-Dreyfus on her speech "veep to veep."

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