'All Rise' Season 2 First Look: Lola Puts Herself in Danger During Tense Police Confrontation (Exclusive)

ET exclusively debuts an intense sneak peek from Monday's premiere episode.

Lola and Mark are on the outs.

When All Rise kicks off its second season on Monday, television's quintessential BFFs find themselves in uncharted waters in the premiere episode, "A Change Is Gonna Come." Set amid the real-life coronavirus pandemic and Black Lives Matter protests, Los Angeles Judge Lola Carmichael (Simone Missick) and Deputy District Attorney Mark Callan (Wilson Bethel) are faced with the uncomfortable reality that their differing perspectives following an intense police confrontation may be the crack in their rock-solid friendship.

In ET's first look at Monday's return, Lola notices a Black teenage girl being cornered by a white policeman during an evening protest. When the cop questions the girl pointed questions about where she's going and how long she's been in the area, Lola bolts out of the car to try and de-escalate the situation when it becomes clear the teenager is growing increasingly distraught.

"My name is Lola Carmichael and I am a judge. She is only a child. You can see that she's scared," Lola calmly tells the officer, who immediately reaches for his gun. "I'm going to stand here with her and make sure she's OK."

The girl defends herself, pleading with the officer that she did nothing wrong and that she was only trying to get her cell phone from her backpack. But when she goes to retrieve it, the situation escalates into dangerous territory as the cop instinctively grabs his weapon and points it in the direction of the girl.

"No!" Lola screams, putting herself in front of the teen as a human shield. How is this going to end? 

All Rise premieres Monday at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CBS. For more on the courtroom drama, watch below.

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