Allison Holker and Stephen 'tWitch' Boss on Why They Love Being on TikTok as Professional Dancers (Exclusive)

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Allison Holker and Stephen "tWitch" Boss admit that TikTok has become somewhat of an obsession in their household!

The professional dancers exclusively invited ET inside their home this month, for a tour of the place where they've been filming all those dance videos with their family amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. The two are parents to son Maddox, 4, and daughter, Zaia, 1. Boss is also the stepfather to Holker's 12-year-old daughter, Weslie.

"Obviously, something like TikTok was like built for us," Boss explained to ET's Nischelle Turner. "Because it was like, 'What? Dancing to music? Great!' We're doing that anyway, you know? So it really is just kind of sharing something that we do organically anyway."

"People always ask about our relationship. We have dance, and that is like our home," added Holker. "When we dance, we can always reconnect and find each other in those moments. So I think it's something that we really share as a couple, that honestly is just like a dream to me."

The dance couple, who tied the knot in 2013, formerly competed on So You Think You Can Dance. Holker later served as a pro dancer on Dancing With the Stars, while Boss has appeared in movies like Stomp the Yard 2: Homecoming, Step Up Revolution and Magic Mike XXL. Despite having such impressive dance moves of their own, Holker and Boss further explained to ET why they enjoy being on TikTok as professional dancers.

"I love that it's like, I see something, and I want to recreate it my own way," Holker said. "And that's what makes TikTok so enjoyable. It's not about you copying someone else's stuff -- it's like, no, you're inspiring other people to do dances with you, so I love that."

"We sometimes as choreographers feel a lot of pressure to always have to be the ones to come up with the ideas," she added. "But it's nice to sometimes be like, 'No, I want to do that real quick.' It's fun!"

Another thing they love about the app is the exposure it can provide to professionals within the dance industry, who may not always get the recognition they deserve. Boss pointed out how amazing it has been to see fellow choreographers going viral for their work. Sean Bankhead's epic choreography for Cardi B's "UP" music video, for example, has recently turned into one of the most popular dance challenges on TikTok.

"I really appreciate now too, that [people] are starting to take dance a lot more seriously," Boss shared. "Shoutout Sean Bankhead! And even when you look at JaQuel Knight, and what he's done with Megan Thee Stallion, those are like real dance rehearsals and dance visuals that they're putting out with their videos and stuff like that. I just really appreciate that too. That's dope."



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While Holker and Boss' children make many cameos in their various TikToks, the two admitted that they pretty much embarrass Weslie "all day long."

"I feel like I breathe and she's like, 'Mom! Mom, you're breathing wrong!'" Holker joked. "But we don't plan on stopping the [embarrassment]. We can't wait to be supervisors at prom. Oh, we are supervising that! We can't wait. I feel like we're already picking out our outfits. Like, I'm so ready for that."

All jokes aside, however, Holker can't believe how fast Weslie has grown up, and couldn't be more proud to be her mom. "I feel like she went from being a little girl to this beautiful, young lady, that she's coming into on her own," she gushed. "She's so fantastic. She's so wise and beautiful, and she's got a really good head on her shoulders."

Earlier in the interview, Holker also opened up about what it's like hosting Design Star: Next Gen. Inspired by HGTV’s beloved Design Star, Discovery+'s new high-stakes competition series is giving one talented renovation and design expert the opportunity to win $50,000 cash and their own HGTV show.

"Essentially what we did is, we brought eight designer renovators from all around the country to what we call our 'Design Hub,' which is like a campus for any designer and renovator, and then we put them through a series of challenges," Holker explained. "And this is big for us, because it isn't just like you're gonna win some cash real quick... you're going to be having your own show and really pivoting your whole career from this moment!"

"I also love that the show brings out real emotion," she continued. "Because these people really want to win, and these designers are so talented. They want that title, so they're going all in with the designs they come up. They're so inspiring. I think that's the biggest takeaway as an audience member."

Design Star: Next Gen is now streaming on Discovery+. For more on Holker and Boss, watch the video below.


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