Amanda Bynes Releases Second Song With Fiancé Paul Michael

Bynes and Michael released their first track, 'DIAMONDS,' earlier this month.

Amanda Bynes and her fiancé, Paul Michael, have dropped a second song. On Sunday, the Amanda Show actress shared the track, "FAIRFAX," on Instagram. 

"NEW SONG! FAIRFAX ft. Paul Michaell Produced by Yung Yogi. Spotify, Apple Music etc," she captioned the clip before sharing a YouTube link to the lyric video.

The song kicks off with Bynes, who raps, "Fairfax flea market shopping flexing with Fendi. Poppin' bands Balenciaga, b***h I got plenty. You could have it too if you hit the ground heavy. Ridin' low in Cali in my '64 Chevy."

Bynes drops a few more bars before diving into the chorus, "All these hittas can't see me now. I'm Amanda and it's going down. Yeah, I get it from the bottom ground. So come f**k with me and my sound."

Michael doesn't make his entrance until over a minute in. His feature is short, rapping for about 30-seconds before Bynes takes over again.

The pair dropped their first song, "DIAMONDS," earlier this month.

“DIAMONDS on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon music and itunes! search DIAMONDS Amanda Bynes Paul Michael," Bynes captioned the April 13 video.  

The bass-heavy song starts with Michael rapping, before Bynes makes her introduction almost a minute in. "Diamonds, diamonds diamonds on my neck on my wrist. Diamonds, diamonds, diamonds on my fish all wet," the 36-year-old raps before Michael takes over.

Shortly after releasing "DIAMONDS," Bynes' attorney, David A. Esquibias, told ET that the actress and Michael recorded the song during the pandemic. "Amanda is creative and playful," he said. "She had a lot of fun recording 'Diamonds' during the first shut down of the pandemic. She is now able to share it with her fans."

“DIAMONDS” came almost a month after Bynes was released from her conservatorship after nearly a decade. In March, a Ventura County Superior Court judge in California terminated the conservatorship. The What I Like About You actress was under the conservatorship on and off since 2013. 

Following the news, Bynes told ET that she is looking forward to completing school and developing a fragrance. "I am continuing with my Bachelor's Degree at FIDM, majoring in Creative Industry Studies with a core in Beauty Marketing and Product Development,” the She’s The Man actress explained, adding, “I am traveling to New York in June to work on developing a fragrance." 

On top of the new single and her continued education, a source told ET that Bynes is enjoying freedom. "Amanda is very happy and has been enjoying her freedom,” the source said.