Amanda Kloots Shares Heartwarming Song as an Anniversary Present for Late Husband Nick Cordero

Nick Cordero and Amanda Kloots
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Amanda Kloots is honoring late husband Nick Cordero on what would have been their third wedding anniversary. The celebrity fitness instructor released a heartfelt duet with Cordero to Instagram on Thursday.

"Happy 3rd Anniversary Nick!" Kloots captioned the post. "For your gift, I give you music- the release of your song, 'Not Far Away.' ❤️I think you’d love it and be very proud."

"The song is playing in this video," Kloots continued, referring to the short clip showing an album full of joyful family photos from her and Cordero's wedding.

She went on to say that Cordero loved "writing, recording and releasing music," and recalled how he "always got so nervous on the day 'it was now available to download.'"

"I fully understand why now having released the song today," she continued. "It’s your heart and soul for the world to hear. Please enjoy our duet, Not Far Way, now available for download."

The song was originally recorded by Cordero to honor the memory and the loss of his father.

Following Cordero's death in July at the age of 41 -- after a long and painful battle against COVID-19 and its subsequent complications -- the tune took on new meaning for Kloots, who shares a 1-year-old son, Elvis, with the Broadway star.

Last week, Kloots recorded verses that would turn the song into a duet, with her lyrics dealing with her own loss of Cordero.

Kloots took to Instagram on Wednesday to share the lyrics, and opened up about the process of recording the song.

"Lyrics to Nicks song, Not Far Away. This is the song he started and wrote about losing his father. I finished the lyrics and am singing about losing him. I recorded it last week, singing a duet with Nick for the first time," she wrote in the caption.

"The process of writing, singing and recording Not Far Away has been incredibly therapeutic for me," Kloots shared. "Listening it to has made me feel closer to him, giving me a lot of comfort these last few days."

"I hope that if you’ve experienced loss it will help you too," she added.

See the video below for more on Kloot's loss, as well as Cordero's life and legacy.



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