'American Idol' Alum Chris Sligh Says COVID-19 Led to 'Double Pneumonia'

Chris Sligh at the American Idol Season 7 Grand Finale
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The musician is hoping for a speedy recovery.

Chris Sligh is hoping for a speedy recovery. The American Idol alum revealed to followers on his Instagram Story that he recently contracted coronavirus, which then "devolved into double pneumonia." 

"I'll try to reach out to as many people as I can individually, but publicly let me say thank you for the prayers & kind words," he later shared in a post on his Instagram on Tuesday. "I have Covid that has devolved into pneumonia. Breathing without pain or coughing is difficult & I didn't get much sleep last night, but hopefully the antibiotics do their work and fast." 

"Thank you again for your love. It means a lot to me. I still covet your prayers & good thoughts," Sligh added. 

The musician posted an update on his condition on Wednesday, writing, "Thank you for your continued thoughts & prayers. Coughing is still bad but MUCH better than two nights ago. Honestly, I just wanna get through this so I can go back to writing & producing songs and artists that I love. I'm grateful for all of you and your concern. I hope my single 'One,' out Friday, speaks good into our broken country & world." 

Sligh competed on the sixth season of American Idol in 2007, and placed tenth. Before the competition, he released several albums with the band Half Past Forever. After Idol, he released his solo album, Running Back to You, in 2008. Sligh also found success as a songwriter and producer, and notably co-wrote "Here Comes Goodbye" for Rascal Flatts.

The singer is one of many celebs to share their coronavirus diagnoses with fans. See more in the video below.